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It was renamed Yu-Gi-Oh!

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TV series was never released outside Japan. Crawford renamed Maximillion Pegasus in the English adaptation - the season's main antagonist. While on the journey, he begins to learn more about the seven Millennium items, including his own Millennium Puzzle, in which contains a 5,year-old spirit that takes over when he duels or when he is pressured. Katsuya enters the contest with Yugi in order to obtain the prize money to pay for his young sister, Shizuka 's renamed Serenity Wheeler in the English adaptation eye operation.

At first an inexperienced duelist, he works his way up to the tournament's top tier with Yugi. Plagued by his defeat, his company's image suffers and his young brother, Mokuba gets kidnapped, forcing him to travel to Duelist Kingdom to retrieve him from the same imprisonment Yugi's grandfather faces.

The last ten episode deal with the aftermath of Yugi's duel with Pegasus, featuring two episode sagas: All DVDs were encoded in Region 1.

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Once Yugi and his friends reach Duelist Kingdom, Pegasus announces that there are many strange secrets on the island which will make his ultimate tournament unlike any they have ever had. When Weevil begins to use these mysterious new rules against Yugi from within their duel, Yugi must not only figure the rules out, but master them as well if he is to survive. After Yugi defeats Weevil's first wave of Duel Monsters, he's shocked to discover that Weevil has one last trick up his sleeve; a ravenous Great Moth that grows in power with every turn.

Yugi must find a way to destroy this winged beast before it destroys him. After Yugi defeats Weevil's first wave of Duel Monsters, Weevil summons a ravenous Great Moth that grows in power with every turn, which Yugi is able to defeat, winning him the match and eliminating Weevil from the tournament at the same time as well. The first ten DVD volumes, as well as volumes 12 and 13, contain 3 episodes each.

Volumes 11, 15, and 16 contain four episodes each and the fourteenth volume contains two episodes. The first volume was released on September 24, The complete first season set was released on August 10, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved 11 January Into the Hornet's Nest". Attack from the Deep". Give Up the Ghost". Evil Spirit of the Ring". The Scars of Defeat". Best of Friends, Best of Duelists".

Match of the Millennium Part One". Match of the Millennium Part Two". The Complete First Season". Archived from the original PDF on June 14, Retrieved August 19, Blue Eyes White Dragon". Characters Chapters episodes Yu-Gi-Oh! Retrieved from " https: Pages using deprecated image syntax Infobox television season articles that Payout Slot Machines Yu-gi-oh Duel Links Best the season name parameter.

Views Read Edit View history. Languages Magyar Edit links. This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Season 1 DVD cover. Yugi and his friends are in awe over Grandpa's collection of Duel Monsters cards, but when 1 ranked Duelist and ruthless tycoon Seto Kaiba kidnaps Grandpa to get the rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon card, Yugi must face Kaiba in the "ultimate Duel Monsters showdown" and avenge his "Gramps".

Yugi and his friends take a break from honing their card playing skills to watch Weevil Underwood and Rex Raptor compete in the Duel Monsters Regional Championship. Pegasus, Yugi is forced to face him in the mysterious Shadow Realm, where all the monsters and magic are real. Upon defeating Yugi, Pegasus claims the soul of Yugi's Grandpa.

Yugi must travel to the Duelist Kingdom and win Pegasus' tournament if he is ever to see his Grandpa again. When the time comes to head off to the Duelist Kingdom, Yugi is ready and determined to save his Grandpa's soul from Pegasus. Yugi gives up one of his own star chips to Joey so that he can join up Real Vegas Slots 777 Classics Iv Spooky Yugi and board the boat bound for Duelist Kingdom, his reason being is that he wants to duel in the tournament so that he can attempt to save his young sister, Serenity's failing eyesight.

When word spreads throughout the entire boat that Yugi was the one who had defeated the World Champion Kaiba, the cunning cheat Weevil Underwood tries to cripple Yugi's deck by tossing his Exodia cards overboard just as they reach the island.

The American version was combined into one episode called "Welcome to the Duelist Kingdom". After seeing Yugi Non Cash Slot Machines Konami Slots Cheats Weevil while eliminating him from the tournament at the same time as well, Joey is amped up for a Duel Monsters challenge and soon finds himself accepting a match from veteran duelist, Mai Valentine.

When Mai begins to demonstrate an unnerving psychic-like ability, Joey becomes flustered, but he is soon able to turn things around and manages to win the duel against Mai. Joey, however, follows his nose to some fish someone has left over a fire. Joey and Tristan eagerly dig in, but are soon surprised by an unknown man who climbs out of the sea. Yugi soon realizes that the unknown man is the fisherman duelist Mako Tsunami and the master of the Sea Deck.

After Mako learns who Yugi is, he invites Yugi and all his friends to eat the fish. When Yugi and his friends attempt to leave after eating, Mako quickly stops them dead in their tracks and swiftly demands that Yugi duel him. Yugi changes into Yami Yugi and defeats Mako from within their duel. A masked boy escapes from Pegasus' North tower and into the forest, determined to find Yugi for unknown purposes.

Within time, Yugi and his friends run into a young kid who had his star chips and duel deck stolen by the same masked boy. Determined to return the stolen property to the young kid, who is in danger of being forced to leave the island, Yugi Payout Slot Machines Yu-gi-oh Duel Links Best his friends head back to the scene of the crime and run into the masked boy.

The masked boy wants to duel Yugi, who accepts. Yugi transforms into Yami Yugi and wager all five of his star chips to start the duel. It is soon revealed that the masked boy is in fact Mokuba, Kaiba's little brother, who seeks revenge against Yugi for his brother's past defeat, but Yugi is able to convince Mokuba into letting go of his personal hatred towards him so that the two of them can work together into stopping Pegasus.

In order to save Mokuba from the current danger, Yami Yugi must duel a person claiming to be the ghost of Kaiba, betting his last three star chips on the match. Meanwhile, the real Kaiba, who is revealed to have survived his dangerous fall into the ocean after a sudden and unexpected confrontation with two of Pegasus' henchmen, enters into one of his secret labs to gather information.

Kaiba hacks into Pegasus' computer mainframe to find Yugi so that he can make sure he doesn't lose after learning and knowing that Yugi's potential loss to Pegasus would enable Pegasus to gain control over KaibaCorp.

Through both luck and faith, Yugi is able to defeat the Blue-Eyes White Dragon with his Dark Magician, but his victory is soon cut short when Kaiba's "ghost" quickly unleashes a second Blue-Eyes and annihilates the Dark Magician with ease. Despite this, Yugi manages to win the duel in the end and uses his "Mind Crush" to send the fake ghost back to the Shadow Realm. Ever since Joey had defeated her from a while back, Mai realizes that she no longer enjoys dueling as much as she used to and vows to get revenge against Joey.

When Rex Raptor challenges her to a duel, she says that she'll take him on, but only if he beats Joey first. Joey's Time Wizard helps him defeat and eliminate Rex from the tournament, earning not only his star chips, but also his Red-Eyes as well via a bet that Rex had made with Joey during their duel.

After the duel's conclusion, the group runs into their old friend Bakura and decide to have a friendly duel just for fun. However, Bakura reveals that he possess his own Millennium Item, the Millennium Ring, and an evil spirit within the Ring steals their souls so that he can take the Millennium Puzzle from Yugi. Yami Bakura lures Yami Yugi into a Shadow Game, where the gang including Yugi himself have had their souls sealed into their favourite cards.

When a "soul card" is put into play, the person whose soul was sealed within it emerges from the card.

Although the gang manages to save each other, they lose life points rapidly. Yami Bakura draws the Change of Heart magic card and plans on using it to possess Yugi, but the real Bakura unexpectedly emerges from the card and quickly possesses one of his own monsters instead. Yugi and the others learn that Mai has been defeated by Panik, one of the Duelist Kingdom Eliminators, and faces being axed from the tournament for losing all her star chips.

Yugi volunteers to duel Panik and win back Mai's star chips. The American version was combined into one episode called "Panik Attack". Yugi unleashes his trump card, the Swords of Revealing Light, which illuminate Panik's side of the field and unmask his monsters.

Yugi eventually wins the duel and by extension, Mai's star chips back and soon dispatches Panik with his "Mind Crush" after the latter had tried to burn Yugi alive with the use of his flamethrowers.

When Kaiba turns up in Duelist Kingdom intent on confronting Pegasus and rescuing MokubaJoey rashly challenges him to a duel but loses. Still smarting from his defeat by Kaiba, Joey vows to prove that he isn't a "whimpering dog" and ends up being forced into a duel with Bonz, one of a gang of duelists led by the ruthless Bandit Keith.

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Joey is fighting a losing Payout Slot Machines Yu-gi-oh Duel Links Best against Bonz's Zombie Monsters, who have the ability to come back to life and become much stronger whenever they're destroyed. Yugi and the others are determined to find Joey and soon reunites with him in due time. Despite the odds stacked against him, Joey manages to win the duel against Bonz. Yugi and his friends are trapped in the caves by Bandit Keith and his gang, with the latter soon betraying his own henchmen afterwards and stealing their remaining star chips so that he can enter into Pegasus' castle.

Lost in the caves, Bakura's Millennium Ring begins glowing again. While searching for a way out of the caves, they come across a room guarded by the scheming Paradox Brothers. Before the gang can progress, Yugi and Joey must face the Paradox Brothers in a two-on-two duel where their Monsters must negotiate a trap-filled maze.

Meanwhile, Kaiba is making his own way to Pegasus' castle, determined to find and save Mokuba. To get their monsters through the Paradox Brothers' maze, Yugi and Joey must work as a team, but the Paradox Brothers attempt to divide and conquer by changing the layout of the maze so that Yugi's Monsters become separated from Joey's own.

From there, the brothers start assembling the pieces they need to form the powerful Gate Guardian in an attempt to defeat both Yugi and Joey.

Meanwhile, Kaiba is able to get into Pegasus' castle and wastes no time in searching for Mokuba, but unknown to Kaiba, Pegasus is watching him with a sinister eye and decides to initiate a plan of his own in order to stop Kaiba. Through the combined effort of their unified teamwork, Yugi and Joey defeat the Paradox Brothers, winning enough star chips to allow them inside Pegasus' castle. Also, Yugi and his friends manage to escape the caves after solving a riddle posed to them by the Free Spin Slot Tips Lines Of Latitude Brothers.

Meanwhile, Kaiba is able to find Mokuba from within his search, but Pegasus suddenly appears and uses his Millennium Eye to steal Mokuba's soul. After doing this, Pegasus then gives Kaiba an ultimatum:

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