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At one time, after getting to Sanctuary I would look for eridium in the lockers in Roland's headquarters and in Scooter's, then Save-Quit-Continue and do it again. I would average about 1 bar of eridium per trip to Roland's per visit and maybe average 1 bar for every 2 trips to Scooter's.

You may go several trips to either place and get nothing, but then get bars of eridium in one trip. It all averages out as said. However, the slots award eridium at a much higher Borderlands Two Slot Machine Tricks And Tips and overall, with a lot less trouble, although I still check Roland's and Scooter's if I have to go into or even pass nearby either place. Even the little carton near the Fast Travel Station in Sanctuary will give eridium two or three times in a hundred and isn't much trouble to check.

Most YouTube videos about playing the slots focus on what kinds of weapons you get for various symbol combinations, but like vending machines, the weapons you get from playing slots very rarely are better than what you already have, especially if you have an armory.

In fact, if you level up by killing bosses or by completing a lot Scatter Deposit Slot Booking Manipal 2018 Application side missions, so that you are a couple of levels above your current missions, the slots will only award weapons of your mission levels, not your current level, in which case you are virtually never going to get a better weapon than you already have.

An exception is that if you hit the triple vault symbol jackpot, you win a legendary weapon. The problem is that you may play the slots for hours straight without ever winning one. I've played BL2 more than 20 times, spending a lot of time on slots in each playthrough, and have never won a legendary weapon until very recently You have a better chance for time invested of getting a legendary from random drops in the normal course of playing the game.

Finally, after countless more times playing the slots, I won a legendary weapon - a level 9 Redundant Logan's Gun. I was level 10 at the time.

[DE] Borderlands 2 - Geld, Eridium und legendäre Waffen aus der Slotmachine

This is probably my least favorite legendary ever, so the wait was definitely not worth it. In contrast, if you followed this walkthrough, you should have already gotten at least 3 legendaries before even reaching Sanctuary - the Hornet, the KerBlaster, the Bonus Package, and possibly even the Thunderball Fists. All of these are much, much better weapons than Logan's Gun.

See the Legendary Weapons page more info.

These challenges help upgrade your character's abilities and carry over to your characters in future playthroughs. By playing the Slots, you can win on average about bars in Borderlands 2 Slot Machine Cheat Engine File session where cash divided by cost of a try is about I've won over 40 bars of eridium in a typical session several times and one time over 60 bars.

Keep in mind that includes selling weapons that I won and playing with the proceeds. Those sessions are discouraging, but other times you will get a lot more eridium than expected. It takes bars of eridium to max out the ammo capacity for just one weapon. Finding bars every now and then is not going to get there, so using the slots is almost essential. Three sets of three eridium bars in a row is a jackpot.

You win 12 bars and complete a challenge. Strategy One strategy often suggested for slots is to Save-Quit-Continue before playing and if you don't hit a big jackpot before you run out of money, abort the game without saving on the Xbox, go back to Borderlands Two Slot Machine Tricks And Tips Xbox menu and restart the game.

This is known as dashboarding. Using this strategy, people usually empty their backpacks onto the floor of the bar when they get full to make room for more weapons so they can continue playing the slots.

Then if they hit a jackpot, they have to pick them up again to sell them. This is all a lot of extra trouble and a waste of time unless you are willing to spend many hours trying to win a legendary, dashboarding every 10 minutes or so. You can win all the eridium you need by playing normally. The following assumes that you do not have an extensive armory and thus will have limited funds.

Each time you have cash divided by cost per try of at least 60, you should play immediately for several reasons: By doing it each time, you can spend relatively shorter times at the slots at each session.

Playing two machines, you can average about 10 tries per minute, so tries would take only 10 minutes. The cost of the slots goes up when you level up. If you die, the more money you have, the more you are charged for being revived, so by keeping your cash level low, you are charged very little for dying.

I spend the 4 bars Scooter gives me to get more backpack capacity.

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When I win more bars at slots, I use them to upgrade capacity two more times for 8 bars and then 12 bars. Not only does this minimize the frequency with which you have to empty your backpack when playing slots, but later in the game you will want the space so that you can carry a variety of weapons and upgrades.

My next two upgrades are on rifle ammo capacity which makes the Medical Mystery mission much easier. Before starting play, empty your backpack as much as possible.

Sell stuff you don't want and move as much as you can into the safe and even into Claptrap's Secret Stash.

Near the bottom, but Borderlands Machine Slot And Two Tips Tricks david

The more you unload, the fewer times you will have to run to a vending machine when your backpack gets full at the slots. Play both Multiple Lines Slot Guru Secrets Of Embroidery at once in Moxxi's. Stand just to the left of the left machine and turn just enough that you can see about half of the first symbol on the right machinne as seen belown.

This position also allows you to simply step into the doorway if a grenade comes out. You cannot be damaged while in the doorway, even though you can see a grenade from the left machine explode a few feet from you. Start the right slot first, then rotate using the right joystick on the Xbox enough to start the left one then rotate back so you can watch both machines. Watch the symbols on the right machine. Three gas masks in a row will cause a grenade to come out. You will have to move away until it explodes, then come back and get into position again.

As soon as you see that you are not getting 3 gas masks in a row on the right, shift your attention to the symbols on the left machine. As soon as you see that you are not getting gas masks on the left, shift your attention back to the right.

If the first two symbols match, you are going to win something, so rotate to the right to pick up your winnings; otherwise, rotate to the left to pick up your left machine winnings, if any. If you rotated to the right to get right machine winnings, you can tell from the sounds if you got left machine winnings, in which case rotate to get them; otherwise, start the right machine and rotate left to start the left one.

Other than when a grenade comes out or when your backpack gets full, your character should never have to actually move. Usually your backpack will fill up before you run out of cash. The closest vending machine is outside of Marcus's shop: The one disadvantage of emptying your backpack before starting the slots is that you may not be able to remember if a weapon you've won is better than those you already have which rarely happens, especially if you have an armory, but it is possible, so you may want to jot down the specs for the weapons you stored before starting to play the slots unless you have printed out your armory listing as suggested on the Armory page.

If you have leveled up above the level of your current missions, the slots will only give you the weapons at the level of those Borderlands Two Slot Machine Tricks And Tips. For example, I played slots while at level 23 but still hadn't done a level 18 mission. All I got was level 18 gear. In that situation, even if you still had your current gear in your backpack, you wouldn't know if the gear you were getting is any better than what was in your armory without having a printout. If you are carrying a legendary weapon of a particular type, such as a pistol, it's a virtual certainty that you are not going to get a better pistol from the slots, so you can safely and quickly sell all pistols.

Likewise, if you are on a level where most of your weapons are green or better, it's highly unlikely that a white weapon will be better, so those can be sold quickly as well. He will probably have millions of dollars to play with and will very quickly accumulate a lot of level 50 weapons which can be passed to your current player through Claptrap's Secret Stash locker.

Even if your highest level previous character as less than 50 but more than, say, 30follow the same strategy. They may have to pass you more weapons to get all the cash you need, but it is still doable. While level 50 players generally have a lot of money, they can't keep this up indefinitely. However, if you use a level 50 character to hold weapons for you to use in doing missions i. See the Armory page. Rather than spread out your slots playing throughout the game, it is better to get it done right away.

For one thing, the cost of playing slots goes up a lot as you level up. At level 9 or 10, you are getting the most bang for your buck. Also, by doing all your slot playing early, you immediately get the benefits of your winnings - greater ammo carrying capacity, more room in your backpack, and the knowledge that you are done with playing slots for the rest of the game.

You will still be finding lots of eridium in the ordinary course of playing the game including farming and that can be used to upgrade things even further. I still start by using Scooter's 4 eridium bars and any others that I find or win to buy additional backpack space, which costs 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 caps for a total of 60 caps.

Since I'll be getting all new weapons from my armory before I leave Sanctuary, I have no problem selling everything in my backpack other than my grenade mod and shield, neither of which are given as prizes by the slot machines, so they aren't in the way.

When my backpack gets full, if I have won enough to upgrade capacity again, I do it on the way to the vending machine to sell loot, thus providing Borderlands Two Slot Machine Tricks And Tips room for loot as I continue playing. With 27 backpack slots plus 3 empty slots provided for equipped weapons, I can win 30 weapons before having to run to the vending machine.

While I upgrade my backpack Non Cash Slot Machines Strategy Map Templates as soon as I get the caps to do so, there is no rush to upgrade ammo capacity until I'm done playing. I put that off until I'm done so that I can see how much I am winning.

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  • Ok, I'm seeing a trend here. People either have an obscene amount of legendary guns or none at all. CLEARLY the people with these hoards are doing something to get them that's not a normal method. The best I've gotten out of doing the slots are two blue guns. Does anyone know how people are getting.

I try to have at least bars of eridium before I quit playing, not counting the 60 bars I spend on the backpack capacity. Here's how I spend it on ammo capacity:

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