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  • Here is how I converted my Skill soft Slot fro Tokens to Quarters.
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  • How to Convert My Japanese Slot Machine to Take Quarters. By Chris Deziel. Pachi-slo machines use tokens that are slightly larger than a quarter. You won't have any trouble finding slot machines in any Japanese city, because there are slot parlors near the train stations and in most shopping districts. Slot machines are.
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  • The Japanese parlors that feature the vertical pinball machines known as pachinko usually have a section devoted to slot, or pachislo machines, which bear a passing resemblance to Vegas-style slot machines. Yamasa is the third-leading supplier of pachislo machines, and in held an percent share of all.
  • DO NOT USE THESE FOR GAMBLING OF ANY KIND.. Here are the directions to convert to quarters. It is very easy to do and should only take about 5 minutes. When you are done it will accept and payout either tokens or quarters BOTH.

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Plug in the machine and turn on the main power switch, usually located just above the coin hopper. Insert one of the tokens that came with the machine into the coin slot on the outside of the door and observe its path as it drops down. The machine must be on when you do this or it won't accept the coin. Insert a quarter and observe what happens. A Pachislo machine is the Japanese version of the American slot machine. How to Convert Pachislo to Quarters How to Convert Tokens to Quarters for a Yamasa. Sales of slot machines for home use. Learn more about owning a slot machine. Home Our Story Links Power back on and make sure it accepts quarters and tokens!

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