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  • We've been saying for a while now that the Nokia Lumia is essentially a slightly-retooled Lumia for Verizon. And T-Mobile, us cellular, boost, aio, virgin, and every other wireless carrier in the US other than AT&T and Verizon. 0. 4 years .. Wait did I just read that the has a micro SD card slot?
  • Verizon Nokia Lumia – Release date TBD. Qualcomm Quad-core Snapdragon at GHz; 5 inch AMOLED display, x ; 2 GB of RAM; 32 GB of internal storage (no micro SD); 20 MP PureView rear camera with oversampling (16 MP + 5 MP photos); Front facing camera; Dual LED flash.
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  • We also previously mentioned that on October 21st AT&T is planning to finally announce the above release date and the pricing of the Lumia That info is also still precise. Presumably a pre-order date will follow on that Friday the 26th, giving just over one week time before the phone can be bought in  Missing: machine.
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  • I pinged @NokiaPureView yesterday just digging for info. I asked if there was a MicroSD slot in the upcoming Lumia for Verizon and here is the.
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How to Insert SIM card into Nokia Lumia 925

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Machine Release 920 Verizon Slot Date Lumia Nikol

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  1. I have an unlocked Nokia Lumia from AT&T. Can I get this to work on Verizon?Missing: machine.: For NOKIA Lumia Case,leasun Heavy Duty Armor Case Cover with Built-in Kickstand for Nokia Lumia (At&t, T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon) -Blue: Cell Phones & Accessories. The first step to unlocking your Nokia Lumia is to get its International Mobile Equipment Identity code, a unique numerical combination assigned to every mobile After shutting down your phone by pressing on the Power button, push open the SIM card cover at the top-left corner of the phone to reveal the SIM card slot. Wireless charging support is also included, and the phone will ship with a free wireless charger. Other specifications include Bluetooth , 32GB of internal storage - without a microSD card slot - and support for 4G LTE connectivity. As for design, the Nokia Lumia measures x71xmm and tips the.
  2. This week the folks at Verizon and Nokia appear to be closer than ever to releasing a Windows Phone 8 machine to beat the rest - an upgraded version of the Nokia Lumia with 4G LTE. This new model will have 4G LTE as the AT&T version did, but with Verizon backing it up it'll have a whole new aluminum body, Xenon.:
    How does a US carrier get around AT&T's exclusivity of the Lumia ? Why, it releases an exclusive of its own, of course. News of the Lumia is probably familiar to many of you, which has been rumored (and spotted in inventory systems) as an upscale Windows Phone for Verizon. Now, things just got.
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I am outside the US so availability of an unlocked is almost a certain with the inclusion of the proper radio. Anxious to see this available soon. Sounds like win-win for me. The is no slouch and most the features listed here are primarily Nokia exclusives or Windows 8, meaning nearly identical on the devices. Almost ready to make a jump from my Titan. I think you would be able to tell if it's PenTile at x, though it wouldn't be a huge problem.

Any chance that there will be more colors in the future? Would make sense to slowly launch different colors to keep up interest. Expanding WP users with the experience.

You just got the best smartphone you will ever use. One con about the micro USB being on top though. It might limit the use of 3rd party desktop accessories, or not. I'm just glad to get a flagship WP8 Nokia product on the carrier I've been with for more than a decade. And fortunately I like black phones. Hopefully I can grab one up day one because I'm going on vacation for a week on the 17th! Here's to hoping I can put it through its paces during vacation! Improvement or not on the L, those on Verizon is in for some real Nokia goodness.

That is a promise. Real shame Nokia could not be bothered to include a MicroSD slot in the The thing with tvs is tricky. Best buy doesn't run all there tvs at there best. It depends on which ones corporate is trying trying to push more. I've seen it first hand by checking the connections in use at several stores by me. Its really unfair for consumers if you ask me. I think the side by side comparisons are just bleh because the doesn't have any colors that the does.

The plain black and white colors make it seem just plain. I am happy with my 8X but looking forward to more people joining the WP8 club.

Not sure why the battery life of the would be so much better than the If the is rated at 3. Surely the difference in radios isn't enough to make up that difference and then some. The backlight in the LCD usually consumes the bulk of the battery life. That's why I'm waiting for the WPCentral review before I put too much faith into the numbers even though I know from past Nokia devices that they do a good job with them.

I may be in the minority but I like the heft of the Like I could drop it off a building and it wouldn't miss a beat. If I want light, cheaply manufactured hardware I'll get a Samsung.

Loving my , despite being very light, it does not feel cheap at all. My mother likes her , and is impressed every time I teach her something new, but also complains about the weight every time I see her. I need to find out why the cyan and red aren't available yet.

I can upgrade at the end of July and I either want red or white. I think the glossy white is amazing.. I got a white for my dad and a white for my brother in law. It is like a phone made out of china glass. I could see them releasing other colors like red obvious , and maybe a screaming yellow or green once production is ramped up.

Glad to see VZW get a top notch Nokia model finally. That said, I like the design of the a bit better, but the will appeal to many so it's all good.

Hope it's a big seller. And welcome DK to the WP crew, glad to have another on board. My sis has the magenta one and she loves it esp the color. Also, isn't US cellular being bought out by Sprint? On my current HTC 8X the speaker is in the back. In a room with other things going on, I have to cup my hand to hear it. Worst design ever for speakers in a phone I prefer it on the back.

I use my speaker phone a lot. I hold my phone with my pinky across the bottom. The sound is always muffled. I also prefer the speaker on the bottom. It keeps the back of the phone looking nice and sleek.

Especially since they moved all the ports to the top, I wish they had kept the speakers on the bottom and utilised the extra room that's now there. The speaker on the 'back' can be a better listening experience depending on how you are using the device. Various sound MFRs going back to the 60s have used these designs and when done properly can produce rather impressive results from smaller speakers.

Go find a s Corvette with Bose sound, as the speakers are angled at the large back Window and other key elements in the interior. Using the BOSE array technology, four 4" speakers can produce rather loud sound and reproduce frequencies that normally would require a 10" dedicated woofer. Various other newer year Corvettes also have the same experience, that produce bass levels using the environment of the car and speakers array design. For the covertibles that do not have the larger back window to use with the speakers, the rear speakers are slightly larger and are angled at the fiberglass deck to compensate.

If you are holding the device in your hands, the back speaker and bass direction makes very little difference. I find the design of the L simply atrocious! It's taller when the L is already too tall, and the squared design just makes it uglier.

I surely hope that this is not the way Nokia is going and is more the result of Verizon's decisions. From what I have seen so far the is not nearly as elegant as the It seems to me like the models Nokia makes for specific carriers and don't have the same elegance and attention to detail as their other models , , , That is obviously just my opinion though.

I hope Nokia does not continue this trend of making exclusive devices for certain carriers. Having said that the seems like a dang nice device and Verizon customers are lucky to be getting a great Windows Phone with the awesome support of Nokia.

In my opinion, of the current generation of Lumia devices the and have the most beautiful designs. Although I didn't fully appreciate the until I held one I then impulsively bought it off contract so I'll reserve my judgment until I hold a in my hands. I too will deserve judgment until I have the in my hand I really want to compare the two phones screens! While many could agree that the design is beautiful you cannot say that the is outright atrocious.

The looks good and the based design fits it. My main point is its as nice looking as the I thought I just did. And I maintain it. The is atrocious. As is the in a smaller degree.

Both phones went way too square and angled to have an elegant design. The just makes it worse with that gigantic and ugly flash which still needs to be tested to see if it was at all necessary and the speakers grid on the back. I won't even mention the branding on the front and the 4GLTE on the back. If you like them, good for you. Some are bound to like it.

To me it is atrocious. My favourite design is still the L It had the best proportions. While I find the L very elegant, I find it too big. And I'm not that fond of mammoth phones. I think even Nokia would agree although in private. Apart from some small differences I don't see to much difference in the 2 devices. At least not enough to replace my awesome red Rogers unlocked for the new I'll wait until the next wave of WP8 devices to switch.

I personally like the s design, but I own a so I'm more than happy with what I've got! Another great device from Nokia. I also got L and to me is better and cleaner design.

I don't like the super sqaure front and sides of the L The only think that I'm a tad jeleous of, is the fact that L will have a better battery life! One thing I noticed recently is that on my L, when ever I turn on the battery saver while on highest level on brightness, the brightness of the screen reduces a bit, so it makes it a bit harder to read he screen under the bright light. Wait did I just read that the has a micro SD card slot?

If this is true I'm going to be sooooooo happy. There's no micro SD slot here. Sorry to break your happiness. We are very much aware of it: Wish they would have like a blue color or something else other than just black and white too There was confusion leading up to the forma reveal whether the was polycarbonate or aluminum.

There's another Nokia device under development that does have an aluminum body - the Catwalk. Thanks Derek, I was under the impression catwalk was aluminum with the huge sensor but that laser might be as well. I wonder how they shaved so much weight off the phone I've been under the impression that all of Verizons LTE phones are completely unlocked, and not just for international use. Wouldn't be surprised if the is the same. This is a requirement as part of the mhz block VZW is using; they are required to release their phones completely unlocked, even domestically.

Direct example, HTC Trophy shipped locked, one call to Verizon unlocked it, even before contract with Verizon was over. Both are beautiful phones. I simply wished the polycarbonate wrapped around the Especially since the battery isn't removable like one would think from its side view. It also has powerful speakers that offer db audio, as compared to HTC One's 89db, which was the highest in the market till now http: Skip to main content. Log In to Comment Register. Sort by Date Sort by Rating Cartman.

Hi Derek, welcome to Windows Phone! Does anyone know how much this phone will be off contract? With the be able to support flash player. Doesn't this phone also have a better haac?

Yes but catwalk wil have much better haac thn or I like the design language of the so much better Sure hope that's not gone for good: Anyone know if this can be used on the Telus network? The white on the is a better shade than the white on the iPhone I wonder if Verizon would let you buy the phone outright and not activate it on their network. Still no word on the full price for us grandfathered unlimiters?

Will the have group text enabled? I thought the received Bluetooth 4. It does, but WP8 doesn't support BT4. Hopefully that is something in GDR2.

Best Buy displays the tvs with the default picture mode they are shipped with. Yeesh, that was pretty well written. Had to check the byline twice. Any news on screen resolution between the two? Is pentile or rgb?

Now nokia pls make a lumia refresh with 1gb ram. I thought I saw it too, but can't find it right now. Still, if true will MS stores carry all colors? Verizon is probably testing the market with the first to see whether they can foresee a possible reason to get top of the line for the 2nd Gen phones. Verizon still gets Samsung's 4.

So that's pretty good Windows 8 Support. Baby steps people, Baby Steps. I dont buy that, unless they are just that stupid. There is no reason people wouldnt flock to that phone. Its top of the line and measures well if not surpases the Iphone in some areas. During these 8 years I've read more than my share of vitriol directed at them and duly noted all of it. All the while the inescapable conclusion is that: The will be my next phone even though my Titan is the best phone I've ever owned.

Uh, are you serious? The titans lack of any updates as well as the camera flash not working properly imo, sucks balls. Doesnt matter, I bought a used white for that im rocking now. Gonna give the titan to my son and get the cyan I suggest you stop drinking the Verizon Kool-Aid I don't get why so many people complain about them.

They have treated me and my family well and provided excellent service and products. Check out all the bands in the Hardware section: They will always be angry. But I do think the will come in December for verizon just in the for the holidays. Windows phone will be fine. Verizon is advertising the ativ S and 8X. I actually got a feeling that the ativ s is exclusive to verizon. I think we have a right to be.

Even if we arent all certain who direct the anger at. I personally direct it at Verizon. I dont think they showed much interest in the , for some dumb reason. Why in God's name you wouldnt want the best WP8 phone in your line up is just mind boggling. It makes NO sense whatsoever. Well maybe they want to advertise the 8X and ativ S first then do the Nokia o e.

Verizon is an htc and Samsung carrier than a Nokia one. We all know that Verizon is all in for wp8 and windows 8. So they are advertising each device.

They are giving their wp devices a chance to get awareness. People here seem to count out Samsung, but remember they are the ones who sold 20 million phones in days. No word though, that's being kept a close secret or hasn't been decided. I think releasing it at Under the price of the new iPhone, but close to what the Galaxy SIII at some point soon it will get a cheaper price, its been out since summer. But i wouldn't feel jipped or be surprised if it's I just talked to one of T-mobile sales ref.

He confirmed one is black but doesn't know the second color. I like any colors of HTC 8x but rather like the better. Maybe T-mobile will release a Nokia phone. A 10 out of 10 basically means it's a fact, or damn near to it. Awesome, I'm just concerned that it won't be available outright. Does anybody know if I could purchase one off contract? So I really hope they don't do that nonsense with the Lumia. Hopefully I have the money to preorder. If it was the latter, then yeah they probably wouldn't let you buy it outright because they only make a profit from signing new contracts.

It's hard to tell, but keep an eye out and it should say it somewhere. Doesn't matter what store you go to. If you already have service then you can buy any phone off contract with no problems. They told me I miht have to call or go in the store to get around the need to select a plan But that if you buy full priced its totally unlocked and they do sell unlocked to anyone. Both the person in sales, and the person in the unlocking department. I'm thinking of getting one off contract.

But if it's unlocked how do you get a Sim card if you've never been on ATT to use their network? Go to a prepaid company like H2O Wireless. I'm from Fargo and we have the "poor man's spring break" in Winnipeg In other totally unrelated news, I'm drunk. Is the even unlockable? You may have trouble unlocking the There is also a POLL whether people will stay with there curent carrier and get a different WP8 phone or make the swithch. Also 8X pricing has been revealed for the UK market.

Rogers sucks for carrying it in black only. Unless it gets flashed with an international unbranded straight from Nokia ROM whether official or cooked custom rom then it will directly check with Nokia. It's definitely a conversation starter on my current device. What about unlocked, not just off contract? I am thinking about running one on T-Mobile and hoping they bring their 3G to Boston sometime soon. As an aside, does anyone know if they have schedule posted anywhere for their rollout?

Skip to main content. With all of those dates, we can see a nice run up to announcing Windows Phone 8: Unfortunately we do not have word on pricing as of yet. Log In to Comment Register. Sort by Date Sort by Rating chris6mafia. Witch ass i must to kiss for luminating in yellow too. I'm loving the sleek look. Black ops 2 as well as surface. Tis the season to max out the plastic! That is not correct. I have both carriers That's how I didn't pay for my Titan: That picture makes the phone look like its darker than Cyan.

Finally, now I can breathe. I see what you did there! Where do I preorder? Im ordering this on amazon wireless. If the price is right, so will I.

I would buy a dark blue model. So would many others. Why wouldn't they be available at the stores? Where did you hear that?? Yes, red, black and white only in-store.

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May 31,  · Re: Lumia vs vs AtomicInternet May 31, PM (in response to justme) My HTC 8X felt fantastic in the hand, with the rubberized thin . Mar 21,  · I asked if there was a MicroSD slot in the upcoming Lumia for Verizon and curved glass,thinner than Lumia has a MicroSD slot, newer CPU and release. The Nokia Lumia - the Lumia , the Lumia , a bit better and on Verizon. Didn't Verizon release a limited edition in red for Valentine's?

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How Nokia should move forward with Lumia 920 & 820