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Scientology was intended to help people. Used correctly, it does just that. David Miscavige has turned it into a massive Ponzi scheme.

In actual fact, Hubbard banned all future international events in because they knocked everyone off post to prepare for the event instead of doing their routine daily actions which are vital. Naturally it was suppressed by Miscavige. The schedule of events repeats throughout the year; the six largest events include. As you can see, there is a major event roughly every 2 months throughout the year. Massive boiler rooms were organized and eventually computerized to get the phone numbers of all Scientologists.

Crews were assigned to design and build extravagant stages for each event intended to dazzle spectators and put them into a state of hypnotic awe. With the exception of Hitler, no other ego in history has demanded such extravagant stages, not even the President of the United States!

Why, Barack Obama needs nothing more than a microphone to garner support from the entire planet. Why do you think Miscavige requires an event stage large enough to house Vegas World Online Casino Games For Fun ? Video Shoot Teams were formed and sent out across the world to capture the latest news. And where none exists, they simply manufacture it or exaggerate it all out of proportion. So the beautiful TV ads cost nothing. But they look expensive.

Remember that word, investment. We will come back to that word in a minute. So they make generous donations to help out. Nothing of that magnitude really happened at all. The money, tens of millions of dollars every year, is funneled into the Church where a fat chunk goes to Miscavige every week.

He builds himself houses, offices, takes vacations, goes to the races and hangs with his millionaire friends like Tom Cruise. Miscavige makes a show of carrying through, but in reality he only puts up a few ads and then pulls the funding, or Payout Gaming Machines Documentary On Scientology Youtube the program, or transfers the marketing staff member who was running the program.

Miscavige has numerous ways of stopping any actual dissemination since it would be expensive. In other words, he promises a river but delivers a drop. Anyone with rudimentary math skills can understand that the number of ongoing programs would quickly add up. However no extra staff are added into marketing to run the dissemination programs.

In fact, the organization responsible for Church marketing has been decimated by Miscavige; they have gone from about 35 staff down to maybe 7 or 8. No meaningful investment of parishioner funds is actually allowed by Miscavige. The money goes into bank accounts he personally controls.

But, just between us, you know the one thing a Ponzi man just hates? So before you listen to any whitewashing of this website, how about some transparency? Let Miscavige show us the money or produce the receipts. Again, this is not criticism of Miscavige.

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This is intervention on behalf of the thousands of Scientologists who have been defrauded, and on behalf of a world that deserves to know what the real Scientology is all about -- not a perverted, criminalized version of it!

This website is fully backed up on multiple servers and set so that if anything happens to it, a duplicate website with the same information will go online overnight. We know the kind of person we are dealing with. We're expecting dirty tricks and we're prepared and ready for them.

All we're saying is, " Psssst, look under the white robes of David Miscavige. Discover what people really say about all things Scientology. Shocking, unbiased consumer reviews covering every Scientology book, lecture, course, auditing level, organization and program — more than in all.

Probe the depths or write your own honest reviews. Click to see Scientology Reviews. An answer to the corrupt monopoly of Scientology. This website is a simple answer to those who tried to monopolize and corporatize spiritual freedom: An open gateway dedicated to helping people move up to higher levels of awareness and ability under their own steam. Click to visit iScientology.

Powered by Google FeedBurner. His technical alterations include the destruction of training, the re-definition of instant reads and FNs, violating the "No-Interference Zone" Policy for those on OT VII with unnecessary sec checks every 6 months resulting in unworkability. He tore apart international management. Contributed to Lisa McPherson's demise. And the list goes on Home Portrait of a Ponzi Man.

Does this try and Payout Youtube Scientology Documentary On Machines Gaming you

The schedule of events repeats throughout the year; the six largest events include, January: Anniversary of the release of Dianetics June: Anniversary of the Freewinds ship Maiden Voyage August: Founding of the IAS stands for "International Association of Scientologists" As you can see, there is a major event roughly every 2 months throughout the year.

Instead of managing Church affairs, the senior executives of Scientology at the highest international levels were put onto continually writing speeches and video scripts throughout the year. If they fail, they are declared suppressive and isolated in their offices for months on end.

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

Massive Fraud So they make generous donations to help out. David Miscavige enjoys the fruits of his Ponzi scheme, hanging with "best friend" Tom Cruise on July 20, So, back to our explanation At that point the registrars sales people simply demand financial help. Staff promptly make some phone calls, raise their credit limits on their cards and take the money. I myself received a phone call from my local organization, from a person who I had never met, and who knew nothing about me whatsoever.

They're getting hit up for 10 and even times that amount. The Bernie Madoff Hustle The money, tens of millions of dollars every year, is funneled into the Church where a fat chunk goes to Miscavige every week. When this kind of extravagance is required for a simple briefing, you know something is wrong But in reality, the car never left the driveway.

All Miscavige did was start the engine, rev it up a couple of times and shut it down. In this way, one tank of gas is made to last indefinitely. Miscavige Payout Gaming Machines Documentary On Scientology Youtube keeps all the cash. There is NO accountability for the funds. Shhhhh, Keep this Part Secret! Some took the money, others begged him to keep their money and roll it over again. Pretty soon, people were lined up to give over their Prizes Gaming Machines Yu-gi-oh Games To Play for Ponzi to invest.

Ponzi was not investing any money, he was paying his initial investors out of new funds coming in. Of course, this is totally unsound, because, at some point there aren't enough people in the world to make it work. It worked as long as it did due to greed, most folk wanted to roll their money back into the plan for higher profits, very few accepted the payout.

Eventually, there was a crisis in confidence and everybody wanted their money back and Ponzi was nowhere to be found, but found he was and thrown in prison, and eventually deported back to Italy. The current marketing campaign has been running since May both online and on television and is still running as I write this.

Just type in "scientology" to Google, you'll see the adds.

Go to Youtube and type in "scientology" you'll see the ads and official channel. I'd like to know where you got the impression that the ad campaigns weren't running.

Looking forward to your response. You aren't even confronting anything beyond one key word: Now first of all, I want to remind you that it is in the nature of being a Scientologist to actually confront life. You will remember there is a drill for that, called TR-0 where people are supposed to learn how to confront.

Plus and I don't mean to be indelicate here, but what about the previous unfulfilled 24 YEARS worth of marketing campaigns -- each promised to be "our biggest ever"?

Doesn't that seem like an important detail to you? Gee whiz, I wonder why now? After 24 years of stringing people on, why only now, does he change? Do you have any idea how many campaigns were put together in those 24 years?

How many TV ads that were never used or hardly used at all? Excuse me, it's my dang phone. Holmes how are you? I thought you were dead? Holmes wants me to remind everyone that this very article exposing David Miscavige as a Ponzi thief was published on May 13, right before the ads started.

I don't know what that has to do with Miscavige's decision to actually break from his pattern and sustain this particular campaign, but I'm no Sherlock Holmes. Anyway, sorry for the interruption.

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