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  1. Nasa has revealed the rover that it hopes will find aliens on Mars once and for all. The new, much improved unmanned vehicle will head to the planet as part of the Mars mission. As it does, it will look for signs of ancient microbial life on the planet, which has until now been presumed to be.:
    Alien life tends to be imagined as strange powerful monsters: either grey humanoids or insect-like killing machines. But they might actually look a lot The Orion capsule jetted off into space before heading back a few hours later — having proved that it can be used, one day, to carry humans to Mars. Nasa. I would be delighted if the stones I found really were ancient carvings left behind by a defunct Mars-roaming alien civilization, but I know they're still just cool-looking rock formations. As fun as the search has been, I'm still left marveling at the real wonder here: that humans placed a machine on a planet. History will note that the guy who discovered liquid water on Mars was an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, a year-old who played guitar in a . Day to day, her work involves calculating the odds that any given piece of equipment might encounter alien life (very low on a waterless body like our.
  2. NASA in a press release said: “The discovery was made by researchers using machine learning from Google. “Machine In total, Kepler has found around 5, unconfirmed 'candidate' exoplanets, with a further 2, 'confirmed' exoplanets that scientists have since shown to be real. It has located :
    Discovery has major implications for hunt for alien life on the red planet as it means any evidence is likely to be buried deep underground. Prosaic Origin, the Reddit user who posted the image, wrote: 'Uh Nasa? UFO caught on Mars Rover mission? Is this real?' His post has received 79 replies, many of which back up his thoughts that it could be aliens. EdisonVonneZula said: 'Looks like light glimmering off of a genuine spaceship on an alien. SCIENTISTS have reached a shocking conclusion about Mars that could radically change the hunt for alien life on the Red Planet. In , NASA also reported that the Curiosity rover droid exploring the surface of the planet, and taking samples, had found much more ground water than expected when.
  3. NASA has found some of the best evidence yet that Mars probably once had habitable conditions like Earth that could have supported alien life.:
    ALIEN hunters claim to have found the historic 'final straw' of evidence that extra terrestrial beings exist claiming they have discovered ancient hieroglyphic-like carvings on Mars. 'Statues, tomb and dead alien discovered on Mars' PICTURED: Here's the real spot on Mars where Matt Damon landed in.
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It is a form of apophenia, when people see patterns in random, unconnected data. There have been multiple occasions when people have claimed to see religious images and themes in unexpected places. On the red planet, one of the most famous is the 'face on Mars' spotted by one of the Viking orbiters in This isn't the first time that conspiracy theorists have claimed that images taken by the Curiosity rover show aliens.

Yesterday, alien hunters claimed that the rover had taken images of thigh bones protruding from the red planet's surface. The pictures were presented in a video from conspiracy theorist group Martian Archaeology alongside several other Curiosity images that appear to show 'signs of life'. These include reported signs of lichen and fungi and other biological life growing on Mars.

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Key compound in the drug has been found to ease hallucinations, Sick of cat pictures and holiday snaps? Facebook introduces a 'snooze' button to mute friends for 30 days Temperatures in Alaska warmed so rapidly this year that a computer rejected the data as FALSE Mystery as partially-preserved corpse resembling a DINOSAUR is found with flesh still on its bones in India Our memory has evolved to 'go up a gear' when we think about raising our children to help us survive What the end of net neutrality means for YOU: Experts warn it could lead to price increases for consumers From a Mars exploration point of view, he said the results were both good and bad news.

On the plus side, it means that any microbes that hitch a ride on landers sent to Mars will be swiftly destroyed on the surface, alleviating concerns about contaminating a potentially inhabited planet. In , the European Space Agency plans to send its ExoMars rover to the red planet on a mission to search for alien life. The rover is equipped with a drill that can bore two metres into the ground to retrieve soil samples in which microscopic Martians may be found. Andrew Coates, a planetary scientist at UCL who leads the ExoMars panoramic camera team, said the work shows that the surface of Mars today is more hostile to life than thought.

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