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Players, pundits, and spectators have all accused Major League Payout Gaming Machines Needed To Make Baseballs MLB officials of tampering with how the balls are built to make them fly farther. As the theory goes, more action means more fans, which Aus Online Pokies Petite Sophisticate Casual Corner to more money for the league.

In particular, juiced balls would ensure fans see more of one of the most exciting plays in baseball: When a player hits a home run, they send a baseball soaring out of the playing field and put points on the scoreboard. We now know, for example, that a slew of juiced-up hitters were taking steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs to help crank out dingers between the late s and mids.

For instance, home run rates have been increasing since roughly the middle of the baseball season. Meanwhile, ball manufacturers are still developing ways to help their products perform more uniformly, even in different conditions. The first baseballs, on the other hand, were not known for their uniformity.

Teams used what they could get their hands on to make baseballs, which earned stones, socks, and walnuts a place in baseball materials history.

The ball must be a sphere between roughly and g with a circumference of 23 cm, give or take a few millimeters. Balls must consist of a core made of cork and rubber, or similar material, which is wrapped in yarn and covered with cow- or horsehide. Save for the addition of the cowhide cover option inthe ball composition guidelines have remained unchanged since Rawlings and MLB have developed ball specifications that are more stringent than what appear in the rule booksays Smith-Stephens, who engineered aircraft engines before coming to Rawlings.

In addition to baseballs, Rawlings makes bats, gloves, helmets, and other sports gear. The yarn, which is mostly wool except for an outermost layer of a polyester-cotton blend, is wound around the core by machines to ensure balls stay taut and spherical. Then workers hand-stitch an alum-tanned leather cover to each yarny sphere. These humdrum materials are unsurpassed in performance, according to Smith-Stephens. That means somebody can whomp it with a baseball bat and the ball will return to its original shape.

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It can get crushed and still rebound. MLB players can send baseballs screaming off their bats at nearly km per hour. The COR for any object falls between 0 and 1, explains nuclear-physicist-turned-baseball-physicist Alan M. If it returns to its original height, its COR is 1. Baseballs are almost exactly in the middle, Nathan says, adding that bounce height scales with the square of the COR.

Baseball's dirty little secret

Thus, a ball with a COR of 0. But baseball is not played by simply bouncing balls, and the internationally recognized standard for measuring COR—designated ASTM F —is a bit more aggressive. In this test, an air cannon or pitching machine launches a baseball at a steel plate.

Rawlings runs tests on balls from every lot it makes at two locations. For a ball to make it to the big leagues, its COR must land between 0. Juiced balls would have a COR exceeding that maximum value. Amid the elevated home run rate, MLB recently shared COR values and other metrics for league baseballs measured by the independent Baseball Research Center at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, over the past several years.

MLB provided the report to a dogged sports writer, Ben Lindbergh who wrote about the data at bit.

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  • Players, pundits, and spectators have all accused Major League Baseball (MLB) officials of tampering with how the balls are built to make them fly farther. Such “lively,” or “juiced,” balls would lead to higher-scoring games. As the theory goes, more action means more fans, which translates to more money  Missing: payout.
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Rawlings has, however, developed baseballs not currently used in major league play that feature an extra layer beneath their leather cover. As balls take on moisture at elevated humidity, they get heavier and their COR values drop, making home runs harder to hit. For example, inthe Colorado Rockies, an MLB team, decided to store their game balls in a humidor to combat excessive home run rates.

InSmith and Nathan collaborated on a peer-reviewed paper showing the humidor could indeed account for that reduction Am. And materials engineering is present in softballs, too. Like baseballs, softballs generally have leather covers, but their interiors are typically made from solid polyurethane.

Polyurethane is also sensitive to humidity, but the synthetic material allows manufacturers to compensate for environmental differences as they produce their softballs, Smith explains. For instance, he adds, companies can tailor how they cure, or harden, the polymer to tune its COR.

And perhaps batters will be swinging at more polymer-based balls in the future. The league is slow to change, they say. If the ball is the same as it was before, why are players hitting noticeably more home runs these days? Volume 95 Issue 26 pp. June 26, Web Date: Baseball has a home run conundrum, but experts aren't blaming the balls.

Sports scientists say baseballs have a reputation for consistency, but some fans think a recent surge in home runs is a strike against that. Name Email Address Required to comment. We actually did use "runs" in the first draft, but we thought that language might be too inside baseball for readers unfamiliar with the game. June 21, Pitching is the reason for the increase in HR. This is due to MLB, in pursuit of television and advertising revenue, having overextended itself in its market with too many teams and not enough talent.

I am 68 years old and miss the old days when starting pitchers were expected to go 9 innings and players weren't coddled as they are today.

Thanks for your comment, Dan! I think one of the most compelling things to me about this story is there are definitely explanations beyond the juiced ball, but they require more to test and prove than sawing a ball open. For example, another theory I heard was that batters are simply trying harder to hit home runs.

Effort and talent are harder to quantify than COR, but if any sport is collecting the stats to help someone try, it's baseball. I remember having to use cheap non-regulation balls during practice in school. Instead of leather covers it was something like pleather.

I always hated them - they just weren't the same and throwing them felt weird. Yay for high standards!

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