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The three Associations will convene the first Working Group meeting this quarter and provide details of its timeline and activities in early Tracey Spicer vows that some of Australia's top media men might be a little nervous carving the turkey this Christmas.

Yeah, we're just kiddin' with ya! Rejoice here, lucky Lucifer fans. Although, yes, we do ignore our Adelaide and Hobart ones. Perth's adland shocked by surprise Bingwa move. Well, maybe not shocked, but there'd definitely be scratching of chins. The free-to-airs are known for being somewhat testy with competitors, but today there's a lot of love in the room. MullenLowe Profero may sound like a mouth-watering choux pastry dessert, but then you may be thinking of profiteroles.

The Advertising ID Consortium — the open identity solution for the digital advertising ecosystem — has announced new platform partners. But not for you dieters.

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Think the only free thing you'll get this Christmas is a disciplinary letter from HR following the work party?

Break out the crucifix for this. This'll be like your own New Year's diet. Start your New Year's resolutions here! And it comes with neither an expensive gym membership or any Nicabate patches. Got some spare desks around the agency?

Perhaps contemplating a video department? Post the jobs ads now, we say. Founded in Sweden inSoundtrack Your Brand was developed to kill bad background music. Its flagship solution, Soundtrack Business, is a music streaming platform licensed for commercial and public spaces. Is there more ticker tape coming out of your oscillating data flux capacitor than you can handle? This column has been penned by Ehrenberg-Bass Institute marketing scientists. Customer acquisition firm Social Garden has become the first business in Australia to achieve Bronze status on Snapchat.

Among the new benefits Social Garden will receive as a result of its Bronze status is access to beta versions of Snapchat data tools, such as the Snapchat Conversion Pixel, as well as being among the first […]. Yes, that last one's us being silly.

We're calling these Twitter ads a riotous romp. But more in the polite guffaw mould than anything underpants-wetting. There's no need to look to the Korean peninsula for secret weapons; they're happening at your local Coles, apparently.

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Well, you're exempt from this then. Initiative staff forced to perform Sufi whirling after the announcement of new culture director. Here's a cuddly bricks-and-mortar story. Not that it condones cuddling bricks, which would be plain silly. We'd laugh at the parlous employment prospects of editors and journalists if we weren't parlous editors and journalists. Admittedly, put the word 'crumpet' in your marketing strategy and you can pretty much expect some form of shenanigans.

Some find their inner-balance at yoga or Pilates classes. And we have no idea what "comedic noir pastiche" even means. Fear getting stuck with dull management at the work Christmas party with nothing smart to say? Has the Weinstein affair left you with a bad taste in the mouth? Let this be a minty fresh squirt from the atomiser. Ten Network's got a new chief operating officer, while a few months back it didn't look like it'd even have a network.

You dare make jokes about One Direction and we too would be making threatening phone calls through a handkerchief.

Are voice home assistants the first step in humans being enslaved by robot overlords? Quiver in fear reading this. News Corp and Realestate. Not that we were picking, mind you. Does your tongue swell and your eyes burn when reading too much?

Let this podcast act like a soothing antihistamine. Think bearded hipsters may well be the ruin of western civilisation? Add another nail to the coffin with this news. Something we're choosing to call an ironotweetermoron.

Do you consider marketing "the dark arts"? Well, confirm it all here without killing a colleague in a human sacrifice. And we safely predict it will be the first of many. Do you yell, "I tire of these Christmas articles, my kingdom for a CX one"? All your Christmases have come at once here. Planning on drinking too much and embarrassing yourself at the work Chrissie do?

Here's your essential 'how to' guide. Video cloud service Brightcove has announced that Sydney Festival has selected the platform to improve its user experience through online video content. Brightcove will do so by removing third-party branding and pre-roll ads, as well as adding autoplay functionality, Hot Dog Cooking Games Online Real Money of the event in January.

Leveraging the Brightcove video platform to host and publish video […]. Yes, it's another prediction article! And the trickle becomes the flood. Well, okay more the leaking faucet. Remember the old Palmolive soap ad that asked, "Don't wait to be told"? This is sort of similar, albeit sans any suds.

Diversity is THE industry buzzword and this column on said subject has more buzz than an over-caffeinated beekeeper. In what could well be a case of 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em', Fairfax has hitched its wagon to a former foe. Recently receive a package from a friendly Amazon driver? Well, perhaps offer the use of your lavatory judging by this.

City of Sydney puts its OOH advertising to tender. Top news for OOH agencies, pointless news for our Brisbane readers. Yahoo7 has unveiled a formidable line-up set to do formidable things all in the name of formidability.

Earphones must be worn at all times and strictly no little people. Up against it with all these Christmas time pressures? Well, let's just hope the boss doesn't enrol you in this then. Have you ever described your marketing team as curmudgeons, biddys or crones? Time to end that jape, we're afraid.

Mark Pejic has hung out the "gone fishin'" sign. Metaphorically speaking, that is; Australian Association Of National Advertisers Meeting Clip not like he's wearing waders. However, it could have been the 7-Eleven sausage roll we had for morning tea.

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Forced to make bird calls in the office such is your ignorance of AI? Get set to say make the call of the galah here. Apple adds yet another string to its bow and now boasts more bows than a Robin Hood enthusiasts convention.

Electronics and whitegoods specialist Hisense has announced it has appointed DEC PR to lead its strategic communications remit in the local market, following a competitive tender process.

DEC PR will work to support its brand building activities and managing corporate communications. Andre Iannuzzi, marketing […].

Love watching lazy spectators getting crowned by flying cricket balls? Well, the Big Bash is the TV spectacle for you. Nothing says "summer" like the mango. However, we're not sure what Belle Sparavec joining Mango says. Fancy a spot of feminism in your music without having to listen to Guy Sebastian? This could well appeal. Now in its fourth year, the scholarship is designed to give aspiring marketing leaders the skills and knowledge to get to the top of their industries.

Issues surrounding the office fridge's milk escalate exponentially after Filtered Media unveils nine new recruits. Red Rooster has done a study into Tinder dating which, as you'll soon discover here, is as odd as it sounds. Can't face the thought of Christmas? Is your motto in life "Too much Miranda is just never enough"? Exciting news awaits here, Miranda aficionados.

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Title: Australian Association of National Advertisers Subject: Submission to the House of Representatives Inquiry into the Regulation of Billboard and Outdoor advertising. The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) welcomes the opportunity to Australian Association of National Advertisers Suite , Westfield Towers. We are the ANA (Association of National Advertisers), the premier marketing and advertising organization. Since we have proudly .

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