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I returned my MacBook Pro 15' earlier today. I found myself resting my palm on it all the time, and sometimes clicking without realizing it. Also, if you like lying down and working which I do sometimes because of a lower back problem the size of the touchpad will make you work extra hard to avoid accidental clicks.

Definitely not worth the money. Hopefully in the future, they'll have the 15' option without it. Currently, there's no way to gracefully switch between discreet and integrated gpu, so the battery life is terrible, like two-and-a-half-hour maximum battery life terrible. In fact, if you use gpu-switch you'll have to rebuild both macOS and Windows as the machine will just hang when you try to boot into either. The specs are very underwhelming too, but I was willing to tolerate lower specs for higher build quality.

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I actually just picked up an XPS 15 from Microcenter. I don't want to discount your Gaming Machines Deposit Feeders Examples Of Metaphors by any means. And there's no denying that the price is very steep for the new MBP. But, other than price, I'm really satisfied with the new 15" MBP. In particular, I do actually really appreciate the larger trackpad. But I'm a heavy user of BetterTouchTool and have always regarded the trackpads as one of the main reasons to get a MacBook.

I don't even bother with three-finger drag now thanks to the size of the trackpad. I think the Touch Bar should be considered for what it is: Apple of course hyped it like they hype everything. But considered realistically in context I consider it a success. I actually do use it some. Some of the simplest things work the best; for instance, I really like the options presented when taking a screenshot.

I also enjoy using it for music control, scrubbing through music, and switching between music sources including YouTube tabs. Nothing revolutionary, but then again, how could it ever be given what it is? Your note about three-finger dragging puzzles me.

With smaller trackpads I would constantly run out of space to end the drag without lifting my fingers. What am I missing here? Double-tapping and leaving the finger on the trackpad lets you drag the window or other item until you short-tap again. Drag lock even allows you to lift your finger and continue dragging from a different position on the trackpad. I don't run out of space anymore. I don't even have to do what you just described repeatedly swiping with the index finger. I can often just click down with my index finger and drag a window all the way to where I want it without reaching the edge of the trackpad.

I could never do this in the past, so I came to rely heavily on repeatedly three-finger-dragging windows around. I also used to prefer three-finger drag because it was physically hard to click down and hold the click while dragging.

But the What Is The Worldwide Church Of God Touch trackpad makes that much, much easier, and it also makes it so that I can always initiate the click anywhere, even at the top of the trackpad. So it's really the combination of the larger trackpad and the Force Touch design that finally prodded me to stop using three-finger drag.

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Thanks for clearing that up. My error was to have only drag operations in mind where letting go mid-way is not an option. So, yes, a dragged window stays where it is. I was thinking about a dragged item and how it bounces back to its original position or ends up in the wrong container if you let go too soon.

Not to rathole on this - but now I'm confused. When I click-drag something on macOS, I can Gaming Machines Deposit Feeders Examples Of Metaphors once, and repeatedly swipe with my index finger, lifting it from the touch pad each time to continue.

This is true with every operation I can think of Spin The Wheel And Win Free Cash selecting text, dragging windows, dragging items, etc In theory, a three finger-swipe is basically GUI equivalent to a click and drag - so the behaviors should be identical. Under what scenario have you found them not to be?

Build quality is top notch. I am a heavy Mac user and I could understand the Apple premium. There was no real competition before, but now that's changed. At the time of purchase, it was at that price discounted That points to the iU version.

The IU is this: I didn't even notice my mistake until I received the machine. Skylake vs Kaby Lake is a very small difference, except for the graphics.

Which was promptly returned. I'll be using a chromebook or whatever when I can't be bothered to sit at a desk. The Spectre is a beautiful machine though. Alex days ago. What were you using before? I just upgraded from a late MBP, and the difference is night and day. Computers only get noticeable better roughly every six years these days, so if you were using last year's model then of course it's going to seem like a ton of money for no real benefit. From my perspective this thing is at least 2x as fast in real world use, substantially lighter, way better screen and speakers.

And the keyboard is awesome and the build quality is outrageously good. I get that people are upset they can't edit 5K or whatever, but you can get a desktop computer for that for less than half the price. Obviously they will be even better in three years once intel has chips that are appropriate for the MBP that also support LPDDR4, but for now this seems like clearly the best computer on the market and very clearly aligned with where the industry is going in the future.

If you're getting a desktop for half the price to do your real work, why buy the Macbook? How does being better than an eight year old laptop make it clearly the best computer on the market?

Some most people just don't need the raw power. For instance if you are entrepreneur, any computer will have enough power and other things become important. An entrepreneur needs to travel a lot so battery lasting is essential, weight being low is essential, size being small is essential, it just working software-hardware integration is essential.

You can't move a desktop easily. As an entrepreneur and engineer I use Macbooks a lot. Heavyload is done in servers. I used to compile my own gentoos Linux distros and built my own desktops and servers from discrete components in the past to get the best bang for the buck.

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Macbooks are great computers in overall design, if you are careful enough to avoid first generation designs that applies to any product from any company. Once they iron all the bugs it just works. So you don't need a powerful machine, but you're still willing to pay a premium for one because it's small with a big battery?

That makes even less sense. I can't speak about MBP as I have only ever bought Windows machines but I was in the market for Gaming Machines Deposit Feeders Examples Of Metaphors new laptop for my new software dev business one-man startup at the moment and I looked at a few: Although I should say that my brother is still using his 17" MBP to this day so they do know how to Las Vegas Play Slot Machines Games Online them!

I discounted the XPS firstly for having too many coil whine issues even after 3 generations[1]. In addition, I had read about the key travel being short 1. Not something I had experienced in the past. The 4k screen is wonderful though. The Surface Book, while having a nice keyboard and sumptuous screen, has a terrible warranty: Even then, all they would do is send you a second hand replacement and take yours away.

I read about some people that had been sent badly scratched replacements even though theirs was perfect. The Latitude e ticked all the boxes: I haven't received it yet but I have a 7 year old one at home that still runs as a Windows Server R2 machine and apart from having crap battery life, it still runs. Keep hearing from forums, reddit small issues here and there for this first-gen notebook. Looks like many others are paying premium to Apple to be their beta testers. Really hope Apple release non-touch bar version in parallel for future refresh.

Also a problem on previous models. I was working on my own GPU switching solution but gave up due to lack of time and the fact most of my applications work just fine under OS X. I'd be interested doing the same with Debian or similar Linux though. What is an ideal Linux distro for programmers using the XPS 15? I checked, but I couldn't find out if Dell still has that Sputnik programme they did a few years back, where you could order one of these with Ubuntu LTS preinstalled.

I'm wondering if everything "just works" yet. They do indeed still have the Sputnik program running. Barton George from Dell still updates his blog[0] with status info[1]. Mikeb85 days ago.

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  1. an animal that feeds by filtering small organisms or food particles from the water or air, as a clam, baleen whale, or sponge. filter feeder. noun. Any of various aquatic animals, such as clams, sponges, and certain whales, that feed by filtering small organisms or organic particles from water. filter-feeder. Noun. (plural filter  Missing: machines ‎metaphors.:
    archive for the deposit and dissemination of sci- entific research documents, whether they neous models and their simulation software; for example modeling tools of the power grids, of telecommunication . metaphor to describe a heterogeneous multi-model. The MECSYCO multi- agent concepts are. Machines in Desolation: Images of Technology in the Great Basin of the American West. The pale blankness of Utah-Nevada made the metaphor visually stark. . In Utah's Green River Basin, the expedition found rich deposits of “practically inexhaustible” coal In Wyoming, where swindlers had salted a mesa with chips. The possibility of energy parasites should not take a huge willing suspension of disbelief. Parasitism is one of the three most classic types of relationship in the organic world. The other two are predation and symbiosis (my favorite). Notice that these are all relationships of energetic transaction. And notice that human begins.
  2. In fact, if you use gpu-switch you'll have to rebuild both macOS and Windows as the machine will just hang when you try to boot into either. .. The Wii U, for its part, supports storing games on external hard drives, but doesn't provide as much power over USB as most hosts do, requiring the use of a USB Y.:
    If you assume, for example, that people employed to supervise fart-smelling research would dislike such work, think again. .. But, to extend the Darwinian metaphor, overwhelming anecdotal evidence suggests that the postdoc limbo selects not for intellectual fitness to be a scientist but for sheer endurance. provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to. feeder. Definitions · Examples · Related · Rhymes. feeder: an animal being fattened or suitable for fattening; a branch that flows into the main stream; a machine that automatically provides a supply of some material; someone who consumes food for nourishment. feeding. the fashion of the children's game that goes by the same name. from a feeder and deposit them into their respective .. Machine Registers. For the next year's class, the Robo-Puck contest, we cre- ated the Assembly Language Controller. This allowed stu- dents to build robots that “carried their own brain” and oper-.

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He was pretty sure this was because he had been abused by his father who later abandoned him. There wasn't a trace of incest survivor self pity or victim glamour, and his hunch seemed plausible. A classic symptom of the abuse, which he noticed about himself, was that he had been extremely promiscuous with members of both genders from a very early age.

There was a great deal of violence in his childhood. His mother went through a series of abusive boyfriends who were also abusive to him. As a young child he witnessed a brutal murder right inside his trailer home.

His mother abandoned him at an early age, and he had to make it on his own as a street kid in a big city. Much of this was a surprise to me, because even though I knew Nicholas was separated from his parents, he had a rather polished manner, was so intelligent and well educated and was always stylishly groomed and dressed in surreal costumes of various sorts from Gothic to futuristic punk to fantasy Renaissance fair attire.

Presently he seemed more elf-like than vampiric. He was wearing some sort of elaborate, laced leather jerkin, a finely made Renaissance fair sort of item that looked like what Orlando Bloom wore as Legolas in the Tolkien films.

He did not seem like someone from a violent, trailer trash background, though vaguely I remembered that he may have told me some of this a year before, but it never quite gelled in my mind because the detail was left out, and it was so incongruous with the Nicholas I knew.

Nicholas's life story didn't have any feeling of fabrication about it, much of it depicted him in an unflattering light. He had been a victim of violence from the earliest age, but as he got older, and learned how to fight, he had also been quite violent himself, and with shame and anxiety he admitted that he had severely maimed one or more persons. He was a street kid living in a dangerous urban environment.

For a while he lived with a man who was a major dealer of a designer drug in the rave world. There was a certain park he went to in the city to have anonymous encounters with members of the same gender. By the time I met him, Nicholas's looks, intelligence and charisma my observations, not his had obviously opened doors for him and he was able to make his way off the street and into more favorable circumstances, though he still lived close to the edge.

But now, with the loss of Sapphire, who lived in more affluent circumstances, a big part of his emotional and physical support system was falling away. We talked well into the night, freezing wind howling outside the RV. Sometimes the gusts were strong enough to cause this fiberglass coach to roll slightly on its suspension, like a ship lost at sea. At some point, much earlier in the evening, Nicholas realized that he had missed the last bus to the town where he had a place to stay.

He was used to staying in this town with Sapphire, but, obviously, that wasn't happening tonight. He asked if he could crash in my RV. Of course I said yes, my sleeping loft easily slept three, two with plenty of room to spare, and he didn't seem to have any other option.

After recounting his life story, Nicholas said he was exhausted and looked it. I told him to take the far side of the sleeping loft, so I wouldn't have to disturb him when I got up there, and took the near side.

He lay down on the loft and seemed to instantly fall asleep. I followed sometime later. Usually I need less sleep than most people, and I am also a very, very light sleeper. This may be the result of years of training myself to wake up and recall my dreams. I also tend to be hyper sensitive to human energies, and it is almost impossible, for example, for me to fall asleep or remain asleep in a dwelling where anyone else is awake.

So I knew it would be tough for me to fall asleep so near to someone else's energy field, and I wanted to make sure Nicholas was sound asleep before I even tried. When I did go up on the loft I took the extreme near side of the loft to have as much personal space as possible.

After I lay there for some minutes waiting for sleep, Nicholas rolled over in such a way that three different parts of his body, his forehead, knees and toes were lightly touching my body as he lay in a fetal position. I didn't want to wake him, so I just lay there and eventually fell asleep. Sometime, in the middle of the night, an inner survival warning system woke me wide-awake in an instant.

I'm not sure how to describe what followed because so many things were apparent simultaneously, but can't be described simultaneously. Describing one thing after another would seem to imply a chronological sequence, but the first several things were all apparent in the first heartbeat or two of awakeness, they were more like a simultaneous overlay of perceptions and realizations rather than a sequential cascade. Please keep this in mind as I relate the following.

I was awakened by one of the most shocking and intense things I have ever felt in a long life of shocking anomalous experiences. A massive, massive energy transfer was happening, primal life energy, chi, was pouring out of me and into Nicholas's sleeping body which was still lightly touching mine. I found myself paralyzed, and this paralysis seemed a more active, energetic version of ordinary sleep paralysis. I felt myself restrained with lashings of fiery energy, much the way Gulliver, in Gulliver's Travels, awoke to find that the tiny Lilliputians had restrained him with lashings of rope over his whole body.

There was a parasitic entity in the sleeping loft hovering just bellow the roof near our feet. It was like a dark cloud, or vortex, with a somewhat double convex lens shape similar to the way a spiral galaxy looks from a great distance. My visual perception of it was not definite; it was dark and amorphous with fractal boundaries and rotating movement.

I felt it energetically, a direct perception of it, and there may or may not have been an overlay of conventional, anatomical eyesight. I knew that this parasite was living in conjunction with Nicholas and was directing the massive, massive energy transfer while he slept. I felt that if this energy transfer were to continue for even three or four more heartbeats I couldn't be sure if I would even be me anymore, if there would be anything left capable of resisting.

All of the above was a multilayered simultaneous realization. You may have experienced, I certainly have, that in life or death situations our psyche can step outside of slow, linear time thinking ego mode and go into an enhanced mode where profound layers of perception can unfold in a heart beat. After this first heartbeat of recognition, there was a change in me, my will to resist emerged like a sword pulled from a sheath.

And in my mind, a blue fire sparked, instead of fear there was an intense curiosity and fascination, I had been studying mind parasites for years and now I was able to see how it actually worked! With my mind fully awake, and my will activated to stop this vast, insidious suction of energy, the color temperature of my psychic energetic metabolism had switched from red to blue, an energy that is apparently unnourishing, even dangerously toxic to parasites.

The dark spiral cloud entity made a distinct sound at that point, the only way I can language this sound it's meaning was instantly apparent is to say that it was the sound of primal frustration of a very hungry animal that has been interrupted in the middle of feeding.

With my mind and will fully awakened, the parasitic cloud entity vanished like a puff of smoke, leaving not even a hazy residue. The energy transfer had already stopped and it was just me and Nicholas on the sleeping loft. All of this occurred in a space of less than six heartbeats, possibly as few as three or four, but it had indelibly etched itself on my memory. Now perhaps you can make sense of my earlier statement that Nicholas was an innocent participant in the vampiric attack as far as I can tell.

Nicholas has never consciously acted to harm me in any way unlike the person who warned me he was evil! Even the attack did not appear to be harmful because I had successfully resisted it. I didn't feel drained the next day, or ill in anyway. Again, this was a dramatic contrast to the other vampiric attack, many years before, that left me ill for weeks afterwards. Months after I recovered from that illness, which much resembled giardia - a parasitic infection - the vampiric person called me on the phone from South Korea while I was in Manhattan, thousands of miles away, and within two minutes, before I hung up the phone, the illness returned!

Ultimately, the experience with Nicholas was a peak learning event revealing much about a very significant phenomenon. This does not mean that I encourage anyone to approach vampires to learn from them. Returning to my narrative, I stayed awake on the sleeping loft for some time, possibly the rest of the night, thinking about what happened and reinforcing the experience, both the conversation with Nicholas and the attack, into memory.

I felt perfectly safe afterwards, though as an extra precaution I did an inner practice called " Theater of Memory ," which, among other virtues, is very effective in sealing and protecting energetic boundaries. The following morning I told Nicholas what I had experienced and he seemed interested, but not the least surprised. He reminded me that he had told me the night before that he was a vampire, that he fed off of other people's energy, and that he had always been attracted to mine!

I could hardly accuse him of pulling the wool over my eyes. My tone was not accusatory or asking for apology, but one of fascination with what I had learned. We parted on good terms, though I have not seen Nicholas or Sapphire ever since then.

There are many interesting details in this case study to comment on. Ann Rice's vampires have much this same uneasy mixture of the admirable and the horrific.

Nicholas had clearly had an astoundingly positive effect on Sapphire, though he also suggested that his vampiric nature may have been unsatisfying to her erotically, and may be what caused her to seek fulfillment with another lover.

Nicholas was a classic candidate for parasitical attack and infection as an extremely attractive male adolescent. He may have been repeatedly raped as a small child, and was certainly highly promiscuous there after. Just as physical sex is now known as a great disease vector for microbiological parasites - as above, so bellow - it is also a likely vector for energetic parasites.

Similarly, a voracious appetite for food, with an inability to put on weight, is sometimes a symptom of physical parasites, like tape worms, perhaps it is also a symptom of energy parasites that want to rev up the metabolic fires of their hosts. In the movie, The Matrix , Neo is derisively called "Coppertop," a reference to Duracell batteries, and a reminder to him that he exists to be used as a disposable energy source for parasitic machines.

The way Nicholas's vampirism worked had remarkable parallels to the origin of vampires that eventually unfolds in Ann Rice's Vampire Chronicles. In her vampire cosmology, a spirit, a disembodied entity spirits are often said to be jealous of those possessing physical bodies that has an affinity for human blood, is able to merge with the bodies of an ancient King and Queen of Egypt through the apertures of bloody wounds opened in their bodies by the stabbing knives of assassins.

The King, Queen and the disincarnate spirit become bonded, merged symbionts, and a new species is created, neither flesh nor spirit - the vampires. The third first hand case history of mind parasite attack happened just eighteen days ago. You may have already read this one as an email entitled "Mutant Danger Alert!

The people involved in this attack have turned out to be decent people who, apparently ashamed of their behavior that night, have gone out of their way to help me out since then, so the story had a happy ending.

The fact that they are decent people makes this an even more likely attack of mind parasites inserting their minds or thought forms into susceptible psyches. This attack came at night, and when I was already in a somewhat vulnerable state of mind. It happened on the 13 th of this month, the night of the full moon.

Here's my first person account written the day after the attack: Last night something occurred that seemed like a Twilight Zone episode or like being inside an overwritten Stephen King story or Shirley Jackson play. I'm sending this out because I think this incident has a general meaning with some implications for many of us. Yesterday I returned to my campsite very late in the afternoon after spending most of the day in Ione.

In the two or three days proceeding, I had very pleasant experiences at this campground. I met a middle-aged couple who invited me to dinner and breakfast. I relocated to a better tent site at the edge of the campground away from where there were families with noisy small children.

The couple relocated for the same reason I did taking the spot right across from me. Yesterday morning, shortly before I left for Ione, they packed up and left and when I returned a family with noisy kids and a boom box had replaced them.

I sat quietly reading at my site. The weirdly tomboyish matriarch of the new family says,. And the matriarch says,. Suddenly I realize, I'm the only one on the other side of the road, they must be talking about me! Inwardly I debate with myself about whether I am either being victimized by my own paranoid imagination or by some sort of actual red neck witch hunt.

Some anxious minutes go by while I'm not quite able to resolve this or to think of any appropriate action. The obese woman call out to me in a challenging tone,. I haven't been staring at any kids. I've been gone almost all day in Ione. I've only been over to that side of the campground once today to fill up my water bottle! A six or seven year old girl, with a Salem Witch trial glint in her eyes appears from the shadows and says in an accusatory tone,. I tried to apply more reason and in a reasonable tone.

In retrospect, or if I run into them again, I should have pointed out that libel is actionable offense. When this tape ran out she began saying,. This tape repeated itself at length; in fact I heard it as I was in my tent trying to fall asleep. Realizing that any more facts would just rile them up more, but also not about to pack up and leave in the middle of night a sure admission in their eyes that I was a serial killer I had to spend my full moon thirteenth in a kind of horror story setting.

My tent is still at that campsite and I might come back to find them gone or a cross burning in the middle of my tent or who knows… This morning when I asked to speak to the "host" when I found a clean up crew coming through I learned that there was no host. I also took the precaution of calling the people who supervise the campground to let them know of my experience. If they are still there I plan to confront them and remind them about libel.

There is, I believe, a more general meaning to this bizarre incident. I realized that this mind parasite attack had resemblances to my experiences at the border where this customs woman I hadn't interacted with in over a year remembered everything about me and said that she spotted me 3 or 4 times in Nelson.

What I realized is that if you are what I call a mutant, an unusual person that doesn't fit the mold, you are likely going to be the target of some very polarized projections. In the right social venue, like the gathering I had just been to or some place else where there is a concentration of fellow conscious mutants, I often get great recognition and positive attention from people. But over a lifetime I have found that when dealing with square peg types that their unconscious immediately registers you as a mutant even if you are as I am now middle aged with short hair, white skin, clean shaven, normally dressed.

Then you become like "a splinter in their mind they can't get out. You are a subliminal shock wave threat to their unconscious equilibrium and they have an immunological response to you, they want you out of the body politic, they want to burn the witch they sense in you.

The USA has a bad history with witch-hunts and is now more fear driven then ever. So if you are a mutant, are living an alternative life that deviates from statistical norms in anyway, watch out!

The lunatic majority doesn't need a full moon to get medieval on your ass, they're ready to do it all the time. So cloak yourself and be alert, the Babylon Matrix remains a very dangerous place.

This attack occurred during a full moon, and we all know there is a some link between lunar and lunatic. The lunatic aspect may be related to the uncanny association of parasitic beings and the moon, which has also been noted by others.

Gurdjieff described the moon this way, and frequently said that unconscious people were "food for the moon. I'd known that since studying Gurdjieff in the Eighties, but also found it turning up in, The Mind Parasites , where one character asks,.

He always said that human beings were food for the moon. He compared the human race to a flock of sheep that are being fattened for the moon…". The moon has a certain physical analogy to parasites in that it does not have its own energy source or illumination, and only reflects the energy of the sun.

That's from our vantage, of course, since the earth is also dependent on the sun for energy. In my earliest visions of the parasites I saw what I called " moon worms. In a novel of the West, All the Pretty Horses , recently made into a major motion picture, the heroic protagonist, an adolescent male sixteen years old, in a moment glaringly incongruous with the style and content of the rest of the novel, looks up at the moon and wonders if there aren't parasitic entities up there feeding off of human suffering.

In one of the most visionary plates in Alex Gray 's classic art book, Sacred Mirrors , we see a seated figure in the center of a kind of mandala of energy. Around the circumference we see many permutations of the act of physical coupling. At two points of the mandala are angelic Hindu beings, one as I recall looks like Ganesh, the elephant deity. The couplings near these figures seem loving. At the other two points of the mandala are parasitic deities ; one of them looks like a devouring vagina.

The couplings near these figures are sado-masochistic and negative. A close friend of Alex Grey told me a story about the inspiration for this painting. Let me emphasize that this is a second hand story that I have not confirmed with Alex. But even if it were a fabricated urban legend, it would still have significance. I was told that Alex was hanging out with friends in an apartment where everyone had taken acid. Suddenly Alex noticed his friends hitting on each other in an ugly way and he became aware of parasitic deities above the earth that seemed to be promoting the ugliness and feeding off of the negative energy.

I'm going to jump around a bit now, throw out some more dots on this nebulous map of unseen parasites, give you a chance to connect the dots as you choose. In the last chapter of Castaneda 's last book involving his relationship with Don Juan , a chapter entitled "The Mud Shadows," Don Juan takes Castaneda out into the desert and helps him to shift into the second attention.

From the second attention Castaneda can see what Don Juan calls " the flyers ," shadowy worm like creatures that feed off of human energy and have the ability to insert their mind into the minds of average, susceptible people.

The physical description of these "flyers" sound remarkably like the "rods," the very high seed flying organisms that have been video taped by Jose Escamilla see roswellrods. In the novel, The Mind Parasites , it is suggested that certain diabolic individuals like Hitler and the Marquis De Sade who encouraged the dark sexuality of the sort we see near the parasitic deities in Alex Gray's vision are puppets, zombies who have been hollowed out by the parasites and are now entirely under their control.

When Jung met Hitler he described him as " a psychic scarecrow ," and some very evil figures have been described as having blank, doll's eyes and to be on a kind of automatic pilot like mechanical puppets.

When they asked one serial killer what he was thinking about when he stalked young women in preparation for torturing and killing them he replied matter of factedly,. Maybe that's the one thought rattling around in George W's hollowed out head: I'm going to quote a long passage from The Mind Parasites to give you a feel for how Collin Wilson describes it,.

For example, I am almost certain that De Sade was one of these 'zombies' whose brain was entirely in the control of the vampires. The blasphemy and stupidity of his work are not, as in many cases, evidence of demonic vitality, and the proof of it is that De Sade never matured in any way, although he lived to be The sole purpose of his life work is to add to the mental confusion of the human race, deliberately to distort and pervert the truth about sex.

As soon as I understood about the mind vampires, the history of the past two hundred years became absurdly clear. Until about …most art tended to be life enhancing, like the music of Hayden and Mozart. After the invasion of the mind vampires, this sunny optimism became almost impossible to the artist.

There's an RJ45S, but that's definitely nothing to do with Ethernet. Use of the term RJ45 is simply wrong, in any circumstance, as far as I can tell. There's no term for the use of 8P8C for Ethernet purposes other than well, Ethernet, or its specific profiles I almost always hear "RJ45" to identify the 8-conductor ethernet female or male connector - depending on the context. It is universally understood, and there is no confusion about it. There is nothing wrong with using it in everyday conversation.

I have never once heard the phrase "8P8C" used to refer to an ethernet jack. Not once outside of this thread - but I have heard it used that way when referring to various 8-pin telco connections - it was a common term of art in the 90s when describing telco installations that used that configuration. There are certain words, like "Bandwidth" - that, might technically mean the width of the band typically in Hz , but have grown over time to refer to data rate as well.

And that's cool - language is versatile that way. This interesting tangent about common parlance for connector names demonstrates another way in which USB Type-C's adoption trajectory is characteristically similar to 8P8C: In fact, language and terms are not set in stone. Wow, that's more horrible than I thought.

Thanks for the summary. I am honestly befuddled by USB-C. The allure of a universal connector? That's kinda pointless when the cables look mostly the same but support different feature subsets. C is so much worse for this. Seriously, fuck you, Apple.

I don't know why you are getting downvoted I guess it's the fuck you at the end , but I absolutely agree - if a cable fits in a port, it should just work.

Anything else is horrible design that's user hostile. And you don't get an error message - it just doesn't work. Some companies, for example Nintendo, figured this out a long time ago. The customer shouldn't have to research arcane names and study symbols on cables - if it fits, it should just work. And USB-C is just a mess at the moment. Well, that's not quite true. Both the Wii and Wii U have a standard-sized disc slot; on the Wii you can insert small GameCube discs into that slot and they'll play, but on the Wii U they won't.

On the portable side, 3DS cartridges do have a tab to prevent them from fitting into a DS, but that wasn't the case for the handful of games exclusive to the brief-lived DSi. Recent Nintendo consoles have also had compatibility issues with standard storage devices. This was eventually rectified with a software update The Wii U, for its part, supports storing games on external hard drives, but doesn't provide as much power over USB as most hosts do, requiring the use of a USB Y cable and a separate USB power source even for drives that don't normally require external power.

I plugged my new macbook pro into an OWC usb-c hub with the apple cable and nothing happened. Tried the annoyingly short cable that came with the hub and it works. The reason why is probably because he assumes a negative thing that hasn't happened and then rants against something that isn't a problem while being a bit of a dick Time will tell though.

Let's hope it's just that current power chipsets lack those modes because of time to market pressure and Apple is ahead of its competitors here. I can understand your anger at Apple, I hear the same a lot from design and audio professionals You may have got some downvotes for that last statement. Exaggeration and insults don't improve your argument. Having had the Macbook 12" for a year and a half now and a Nexus 6p for a year, it's really been quite wonderful.

I can charge my laptop or phone using the same charger — of course not as fast as the OEM charger, but wonderful for being on the move. I love that I can use a typical battery backup to charge my Macbook. I really wish everything of mine USB-C, and it will be soon. Right now it feels wonderful with OEM chargers, but you do have me worried about the future buying replacements and accessories. There will be the cheap Chinese chargers that will suck.

Then customers will complain, and Belkin and others will notice and make good chargers with proper marks on the packaging. It won't take too long before customers and shops know what to buy or sell. All chargers are Chinese, not only the ones which suck. Let's leave cheap shots at other countries out of here, thanks. I have that car adapter as well as a USB power bank. The chargers are great for phones so i didn't return them.

Who would ever expect Apple to do something like that? BHSPitMonkey days ago. That argument looks like FUD to me. SyneRyder days ago. Apple is already doing something similar though on the new MacBook Pro, there is a software block on Thunderbolt 3 devices that haven't also been "macOS certified" by Apple: No, sorry, the new MacBook pro sucks for hackers. It's great for prosumers who like gadgets and benefit from USB-C. Hackers do not benefit from a closed box with non-expandable performance.

I get it that prosumers like to think of themselves as "hackers", but In my own possibly and probably inaccurate opinion, I feel as though "hackers" aren't the people who need professional gear to do professional or daily tasks. They're the ones who can make the most out of as little equipment as possible. It's been reprogrammed to automatically deposit my cat's food every fourth hour and have it warm as well.

It's an IP surveillance camera. Something is great because someone increased it's value after using it or created something of higher value than the equipment used to create it. To address this point But not all will. And I certainly think that fewer will than the generations before. I really hope USB-C will be as great as these companies say it will, but until then I'll happily use my different ports that work as they are expected to.

TheOtherHobbes days ago. All professionals need professional gear to do professional work. That's kind of the definition of a professional - someone who can afford the right tools, and knows how to use them to get a job done quickly and competently. Turning a toaster into a cat feeder is tinkering, not professional hacking. There's nothing wrong with tinkering. But it's the difference between wiring up a Raspberry Pi as a heating controller, and building a company that sells fully licensed and certified heating controllers all over the world with support infrastructure.

One is hobby project, the other A useful definition of a professional tool is one that lets you forget you're using it because it's so transparently intuitive you never have to think about its needs.

I don't think the MBP does that. The ports are literally a side issue. The problem is more that Apple are thoughtlessly losing their reputation among professionals, because Cook, Schiller and co don't seem to be thinking hard enough what they're doing, and don't appear to have an understanding of what their professional customers are looking for. Which is not something super-thin for the sake of it, or with a gimmicky touch bar.

It's something expandable with ports that "just work", no physical or metaphorical rough edges, with the option to have decent memory i. This shouldn't be hard or controversial, but for some reason it seems to be beyond Apple's understanding.

I'm hardly a hater. I bought the But the laptop format is challenging because you either stay conservative, or you go full experimental with say a dual-display clamshell. Half-hearted innovations like the touch bar glued onto an ungenerous spec look like gimmicks for the sake of it, not serious attempts to improve professional productivity. The original meaning of hacker is closer to the guy tinkering. Now it's everyone who works at a startup. Don't get me wrong, but professionals are those who deploy Win3.

It's more about meeting some specs, getting certifications and providing reliability than it is about technical details. This group overlaps but is not equal to the professional users. Many real professionals will love the new MBP lineup while many more will hate it.

I still don't understand this seemingly rigid idea of what a "pro" needs in a computer. High performance, who cares about the battery life or form factor. Surely it depends what your line of work is. I'm a programmer, mostly web based apps and related servers. The touchpad has been what kept me on the mbp Looking at the Razer Blade Pro, love the keyboard layout, but its totally overkill for my needs.

An integrated gpu, with a higher end i5, with a big ssd and lots of ram for half the price would be more appealing to me..

Everyone has different needs, as you said. Can you expand on that? I didn't say an integrated gpu and 32gb are taxed I said I needed an SSD greater than gb , and at least 16gb of ram.

However, in many corp environments if you need those, you get a hefty machine. This can be as much as an hour a day wasted. The 5 hours of wasted time in a few weeks are more costly than the upgrade to ssd. I just wanna know what cable they use when they need to plug their iPhone into their MacBook. I don't seem to recall Apple selling a usb-c to lightning cable. A hacker can get by with a Rasberry Pi with wires hanging off it, while the self proclaimed "pros" whine about memory and performance whilst demanding the latest slick design.

I just don't hack on computers, so I'd rather not have to waste time hacking the computer for me to do other hacking on. I find it weirder that people whining about that are usually not impaired by it for their dayjobs?

I hear people shouting about wanting gpus and multicores and 16 gb and then that they are doing React dev on it as professional. What do you need that monster for when doing that dev? I really only need that locally for the first from that list. The rest I can do on mostly anything after For me closer to react guy , I want an SSD and plenty of ram I mean, I can "get by" on anything - an iPod Touch that runs Emacs 23, just to pick an example off my desk.

When the chips are down, I'll get the job done with it. When the chips aren't down, and I have something more closely approaching my druthers with regard to the tools I use, I'm not going to go for the iPod. MrQuincle days ago. The hacker as reverse engineer benefits a lot from low-level access.

I agree that USB-C might be helpful in that respect, but it totally depends on the drivers. If there is a device that I can make hiccup through timing attacks it depends on what liberties I have in the driver. For Bluetooth for example you have Ubertooth. If the Bluetooth radio on my laptop would be accessible on a low enough level there would be no need to use other hardware to execute attacks.

I'm just a hobbyist with a jtag programmer, some digital analysis, nothing fancy. A professional reverse engineer is another beast with microscopes, etc.

A hacker in the form of someone exploiting vulnerabilities in web applications does benefit not from a single computer, but from many. How, exactly, would someone Just because someone might not benefit from a laptop you can upgrade doesn't mean the converse I can think of ways Actually, it was a processor MasPar at the University of Central Florida that did the image correction for the Hubble Telescope before corrective lenses were installed. The MasPars were fun to play with.

DonkeyChan days ago. By this version of what a hacker is, it makes it sound like Apple is saying "This is a sub-par piece of equipment but you'll make the most of it because you're a hacker who's more productive with less! I think it's funny how signaling things like "expandable performance" and "deep key travel" get tied to being a hacker.

The only thing you can upgrade even on an expandable laptop is memory and disk, which a hacker is probably maxing out to begin with. Even expandable laptops are pretty limited by the chipsets these days in how much RAM they can handle. And given the high resale value of Macs, your typical Silicon Valley worker will probably spend more on lattes than on simply selling their Mac every couple of years and buying a new one.

HP Zbook first gen here: I didn't do it and never will do but it's in the user manual. The HD is still in there, auto shutdown after 5 secs. I use it for storing large files I don't need on the SSD but could be handy to be online sometimes, like raw videos from my camera.

I'd like to replace the keyboard with one without the number pad. Possible in theory but there is no part that fits on the market. The only 15" laptops without number pad at the time were the Mac and I think the XPS, which was overheating.

Maybe the problem with the latter is solved now. What does "hacker" even mean? I don't understand what this has to do with how suitable the MacBook Pro is.

I'm a developer and this laptop is as great as any other, for me. But USB-C has very little to do with that.

USB-C is convenient until it's not for anyone, regardless of 'hacker' or not. From what I've understood, the definition of hacker is: A person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.

One can be a hacker with hardware, but as of now I doubt USB C is going to make anyone as much of a hacker as a specific type of software might.

And this new MacBook has very little to do with changing how real "hackers" might do things. That's not the original definition of the word, or what it means in this industry. The jargon file [ http: It defines the term "hacker" as follows: A person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systems and how to stretch their capabilities, as opposed to most users, who prefer to learn only the minimum necessary.

A person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular.

One who programs enthusiastically even obsessively or who enjoys programming rather than just theorizing about programming. A person capable of appreciating hack value. A person who is good at programming quickly. Definitions 1 through 5 are correlated, and people who fit them congregate. An expert or enthusiast of any kind.

One might be an astronomy hacker, for example. One who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming or circumventing limitations. Hence password hacker, network hacker. The correct term for this sense is cracker. It also implies that the person described is seen to subscribe to some version of the hacker ethic see hacker ethic. It is better to be described as a hacker by others than to describe oneself that way.

Hackers consider themselves something of an elite a meritocracy based on ability , though one to which new members are gladly welcome. There is thus a certain ego satisfaction to be had in identifying yourself as a hacker but if you claim to be one and are not, you'll quickly be labeled bogus.

See also geek, wannabee. We have a report that it was used in a sense close to this entry's by teenage radio hams and electronics tinkerers in the mids. Linus Torvalds, a hacker one would presume, used to have a MacBook Air as his primary laptop, and praise it as the best laptop ever made, saying that other companies have failed to produced something as good though after he moved to a Chromebook.

And the reasons he gave for praising it for are exactly what people think Apple has too much emphasis on: An Apple laptop can fit well with some hackers, for at least two reasons, I think: A hacker can be a tinkerer, but it's not the same thing. There are people who love to hack on specific things, create new stuff etc, but could not care less about dealing with the hardware or customizing their window manager.

A lot of hackers I know in fact tend to be quite minimalistic in those areas. Second, a hacker isn't necessarily all about raw performance and 8GB graphics cards. A lot of hacker types and great programmers in C or whatever can do wonders with very little hardware.

But even for a lot of creative professionals, stable and "what we know" trumps "latest and greatest". Most professional music studios I know, for example, have 2 and 3 generation old setups, and never jump to the latest OS until year after its out.

In the photography world, were I dabble and once did professionally , we have this notion of "measurbators" and "pixel peepers".

They are those that are obsessed with ISO performance, megapixel count, sharpness, synthetic tests of camera gear and so on, but seldom create any output of any particular worth. I guess the same would be for PC people obsessed with benchmarks beyond a particular point, especially if their workflows don't need them. A hacker, in this regard, would be the opposite. This guy, is a hacker, photography wise: Plus the whole article sounds like an absurd mouthpiece for Apple.

USB is standard, so now "hackers" are supposed to have an raging lust for standards on Apple hardware? I don't give a rats ass if dongles are standard are not. I am not lugging around dongles to connect my phone to my laptop.

Agreed, and well said. This one line concisely sums up the first and last word on this whole pitch. After a week with a 13 inch, what I've mainly noticed is how physically unwelcoming it is: The edges are very sharp, and the air vents on the bottom are right where you grab the laptop to pick it up, which gives it a knife-like feel. Also, by expanding the track pad far beyond it's useful size, there is now no gap between it and the space key.

I have discovered that I have a habit of resting my thumb just below the space bar and now I tend to bump the pointer on accident now. The arrow keys are now a continuous run of keys with no way to orient quickly like previously where the side arrows were slightly smaller and made it obvious where the up key was without looking.

Finally, the keyboard action is very short, as you would expect with such a thin laptop. I do most of my work with an external keyboard and monitor, so it isn't that big a deal to me, but I can see it being hard on people who use their laptop exclusively. I really enjoyed using Apple's touchpads with tap to click because their accidental press recognition was good enough that I never really worried about this.

I typically had to turn tap to click off when using Linux because I would randomly click while typing. I wonder why they haven't been able to get it to work as well on the new touchpad. Bud days ago. Just speculating here, but this is precisely the sort of thing Apple generally fine-tunes and fixes with software updates in very short order.

I would expect it will be so this time, too. Palm detection should typically be tweaked through various driver parameters. Not sure why you're being downvoted; I appreciate the advice. However, I don't think all drivers have palm detection unless I'm mistaken? Also, unfortunately while I would have enjoyed configuring the system to my personal desires, these days with the limited free time I have, I'd rather be able to just do what I was going to do on my laptop instead of having to spend time tinkering with it to get it right.

Apple seems to do very well in this respect since it almost always knows when I want to tap vs when I just have my palm there. The edges are very sharp I wondered if the designer ever had the opportunity to interact with the tactile experience before it went into production. Has the design process broken down and designers no longer see a production prototype before they sign-off? Because sharp edges are something that have existed since the original MacBook Air. I do agree they are annoying though.

I always have outlines on my wrists after using my laptop on my lap for a while. Yes, I have the version of the 13 inch macbook pro. The increased sharpness is very noticable to me, particularly where the underside vents are now placed, creating that knife-like feel when you pick it up. Sharp edges seems to be a trend that has migrated to other manufacturers as they ape Apple's design. My three year old Lenovo, and new work supplied Dell are both unforgiving to type on for the same reason.

I'm using a late MBP and the corners where you open the top are deadly. MiddleEndian days ago. My Macbook had this issue as well, part of why I went with a ThinkPad for my next laptop. I am disappointed by the Touch Bar. It is such a small and dim screen and a lot of attention is required for interacting with it. There is no tactile feedback, so touch typing is impossible. QuickType and Emojis are useless for me.

It might also reduce cognitive load a bit since it reduces the need for memorizing keyboard shortcuts. On the other hand, users who are blessed with a good memory will probably not benefit very much in that regard because pressing a key combination is much quicker than scanning and touching the Touch Bar.

I think I am going to wait another generation to see whether Apple gets back on track and whether the Touch Bar can stand the test of time. I think apple is a little bit lost without steve. Most amusing comment in this thread, but in all seriousness I think that's quite true.

The function keys were never used for anything in OSX, as the "culture" is to use key chords instead. So even if it's not used much, I think it's an improvement. For me it would be quite a loss. BuuQu9hu days ago. I'm going to stick with my early MacBook Air until Apple figures their stuff out. What equipment do we have? What's the budget for materials?

Like thousands of other science teachers at poorly funded middle and high schools around the country, Ruffner made do with creative lesson plans and a private donation of a few hundred bucks out of his own paycheck. The situation has become especially bad since the No Child Left Behind law went into effect in It requires that students pass math and reading tests every year but a science test only once every three years. Teaching science costs more than teaching reading or math because of the pricey lab equipment and supplies, but these days the science budget is being pilfered to pay for the three R's.

Their jobs vary somewhat from state to state, but you can generally find them sitting in the lowest-salary cubicles at state health departments, tabulating mortality. Nosologists are the grunts who turn stiffs into stats. Hour after hour, day after day, they sift through death certificates, referring constantly to a 1,page manual whose heft and agate type might call to mind the arcana associated with that other inevitability in life.

But the work requires a tolerance for death, not to mention endless patience for forms and numbers and papers.

Take a pound bag of mulch, dump it on a table, and sort its contents by size, down to the half millimeter. This is the mind-numbing task of the root sorter. To do her research, she needs roots to be sorted by size—and we're not talking inch-large tubers, but tiny tendrils.

One of her workers does it eight hours a day. With a pile of roots in front of him, he uses tweezers to put them in size-appropriate piles. One batch of roots takes him two hours, for less money than he'd get busing tables at Denny's. Judah Folkman was ridiculed for his theory that cancer tumors create their own blood-vessel networks. And we all remember what happened to Galileo. Today we celebrate these erstwhile crackpots, while their tormentors have faded into egg-faced obscurity.

But until such vindication arrives if it ever does the torment endured by the crank, the maverick theorist, makes the perch a difficult one to hold. In the crank du jour is the big-bang denier. Geoffrey Burbidge of the University of California at San Diego is among the most prominent of this breed. In his view, the universe is a natural oscillator, expanding and contracting alternately—and infinitely—over time.

He endures constant insult from young upstarts such as Sean Carroll of the University of Chicago, whose blog belittles big-bang deniers: In March in the northeastern U. Wrathful Winter would strike again! They prophesied that many dozens of inches of snow would bury the people, and foretold the locations and times. Oh, what great TV it made!

The weathercasters were the darlings of their bosses, as their dire warnings kept the populace glued to the tube. Not all television meteorologists are scientists. Many are journalists making a break for the big seat. And, contends Lee Grenci, a meteorology instructor at Penn State University, they're not properly trained in the complexities of weather forecasting. Weather is naturally chaotic; forecasting precise snowfall three days out, Grenci says, is "disinformation.

Alas, those meteorologists who actually know better aren't allowed to exercise scientific caution. If a competing station is predicting calamity, viewers are going to switch, so it's time to dire up your own forecast to keep them. A couple of Grenci's former students who have attempted to be more responsible about their forecasts have been threatened with sacking. Yes," says anthropologist Cheryl Knott of Harvard University. Knott is a pioneer of "noninvasive monitoring of steroids through urine sampling.

For the past 11 years, Knott and her colleagues have trekked into Gunung Palung National Park in Borneo, Indonesia, in search of the endangered primates. Once a subject is spotted, they deploy plastic sheets like a firemen's rescue trampoline and wait for the tree-swinging apes to go see a man about a mule. For more pee-catching precision, they attach bags to poles and follow beneath the animals. Knott analyzes fertility through estrogen and progesterone levels, and weight gain or loss through ketone measurements.

DNA is extracted from the orangu-dookie, and stress levels can be measured by cortisol in the urine. The goal is to understand great-ape reproduction, and because of her unique urine-collection method, Knott isn't limited to visual observations, as previous researchers have been. She has documented, for example, that female orangutans' reproductive-hormone levels surge during periods when they are eating more.

That timing is critical for the apes, which reproduce only around every eight years. It's also highlighted how vulnerable the animals are to extinction, and that's why, when she's not sampling urine, Knott is working to conserve the rain forest.

Rampant illegal logging—even in the park—has led to an 80 percent decrease in the orangs' habitat, making it all the easier for hunters to prey on the animals. By some estimates, 50 percent of orangutans have been wiped out in the past decade. Lumelsky envisions future skins with tens of thousands of infrared sensors able to withstand the extreme heat, cold and radiation of space travel. Our system does this; no other such systems exist. While some select romantic projects like studying the giant statues and the ancient inhabitants of Easter Island in the Pacific, others choose to slog through peat bogs near Churchill, Manitoba, ducking polar bears and fending off biblical swarms of blackflies, blood-letting mosquitoes and deerflies known locally as "bulldogs.

It usually happens to the Brits for some reason, I don't know why. The vacationers aid Kershaw in his investigation of melting permafrost in the world's peatlands. As much as 30 percent of the Earth's carbon is locked up in these frozen bogs, and if they melt, all that carbon and methane will be released—potentially catastrophically—into an already warming world. Thanks to the volunteers' hard work, Kershaw has established a network of fixed study plots across a wide range of Arctic terrain.

The plot network has given him, and future scientists, a much-needed baseline to see how quickly once-frozen peat decays to carbon. And it will allow them to monitor how the inhabitants of the Arctic's ecosystem, from polar bears to grasses, are being affected by climate change.

Volunteers dig soil pits, analyze dirt, measure the depth of frost melt, and play a game called Page Count: I like to say that our research bites. The semen washers take the seminal goo and place a sample under the microscope for a sperm count. Next comes the washing. Thanks to semen washers and in vitro fertilization , more than , babies have been delivered in the U. We had a big discussion about who was going to check on him.

Turns out he thought he had to fill up the entire specimen cup. Here's how basic fear-psychology saves lives. A volcano rumbles, spews ash, magma and incandescent rock, and the brain's amygdala says, "Good god! Let us count the ways you can get offed as a volcanologist: There's the magma, of course. There are also pyroclastic flows—incinerating clouds of gas, rock, ash, trees and other debris—sulfur dioxide gas, and volcano-melted glaciers called lahars that descend down a mountainside like an avalanche of quick-dry cement.

And then there are the garden-variety hazards of mountain climbing, and all those hours in helicopters. In the past couple decades, dozens of volcanologists have been killed on the job, and scores more have been wounded in near misses. Geological Survey's Volcano Hazards Program, which monitors the country's active volcanoes. Helens was getting very active, we had a failure of our seismic gear. A scientist flew up in a helicopter to replace the batteries. He was only allowed to stay on the ground for five minutes, and the pilot was told to keep the rotors going.

Two days later there was an eruption, and the site was obliterated. This job hasn't been any fun since the disastrous espionage trial against Wen Ho Lee in Now it's gotten worse. Lee was a naturalized citizen who had worked for 20 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory's highly prestigious and supersecret X Division, where some of the world's biggest eggheads handle the applied physics of our nuke stockpile.

The FBI suspected him of selling secrets to the Chinese. After some seriously abusive jailhouse tactics, for which an appalled federal judge apologized, Lee pled guilty to one, almost trifling, count of mishandling classified data and was immediately released the judge sentenced him to the days of solitary he had already served. Nevertheless, the X Division's sterling reputation had been badly tarnished.

Not long after, more classified data-storage tapes went missing and then showed up behind a copy machine, and the FBI returned for more interrogations. Then, in , came an eye-burning laser accident with an intern, and yet another case of missing data tapes.

In a lab-wide lecture, the since-retired director called his scientists "buttheads" and "cowboys" never good for morale and ordered a costly months-long lab shutdown so that the scientists could learn to file paper like pro bureaucrats, not absent-minded professors. But wait, those last missing tapes? An FBI investigation concluded that they probably never existed in the first place; it was all a clerical error. But the damage had been done. As for the younger brain-iacs, surely they can find a job in academia, right?

Not exactly, lamented one X Division scientist, who declined to be quoted for fear of retri-bution. Since most of their work is classified, there's often no record of having ever published anything. Geological Survey team has been working for years. The team recently made scientific history at Searles with the discovery of an "extremophile" microbe thriving in some of the most putrid, nauseating, arsenic-saturated mud on Earth. To harvest that mud, once thought to be sterile, the researchers suffer through degree days, blinding sun reflecting off the salt-caked lake, and so much noxious gas that it makes their eyes water.

The air is stewed with copious amounts of hydrogen sulfide rotten-egg smell , methyl mercaptan the noisome fumes added to natural gas and highly volatile methylated amines think: Aside from earning Oremland the honor of documenting the arsenic-eating extremophile in the journal Science , his work is a step toward finding other microbes that could potentially clean arsenic contami-nation from the nation's freshwater supply.

The Searles microbe can survive only in extreme environments, but Oremland suspects that there are other microbes out there that could survive in places that aren't so disgusting. Parents will say their child can't be in class during any discussion of evolution, and students will say things like 'My grandfather wasn't a monkey!

First, a history lesson. In a group of religious fundamentalists won election to the Kansas State Board of Education and tried to introduce creationism into the state's classrooms. They wanted to delete references to radiocarbon dating, continental drift and the fossil record from the education standards.

In more-temperate forces prevailed in elections, but the anti-evolutionists garnered a majority again last November. This year Intelligent Design ID theory is their anti-evolution tool of choice. At the heart of ID is the idea that certain elements of the natural world—the human eye, say—are "irreducibly complex" and have not and cannot be explained by evolutionary theory.

Therefore, IDers say, they must be the work of an intelligent designer that is, God. The problem for teachers is that ID can't be tested using the scientific method, the system of making, testing and retesting hypotheses that is the bedrock of science. That's because underpinning ID is religious belief.

In science class, Williamson says, "students have to trust that I'm just dealing with science. Alas, for Kansas's educational reputation, the damage may be done.

I get calls from teachers in other states who say things like 'You rubes! It's not just Kansas anymore. That's the same weight as 14, Nimitz-class aircraft carriers. You get the point: It's a load of crap.

And it's loaded with nasty contaminants like campylobacter the number-one cause of acute gastroenteritis in the U. H7 , which can cause kidney failure in children and painful, bloody diarrhea in everybody else. Farmers fertilize their fields with manure, but if the excrement is rife with E.

Luckily for us, researchers at the University of Georgia's Center for Food Safety are knee-deep in figuring out how to eliminate these bacteria from our animals, their poop and our food. But to develop techniques to neutralize the nasty critters, they must go to the source. Even when you wear gloves, the fecal smell tends to get embedded in your skin. Doyle's group is testing everything from campylobacter-destroying bacteria—a kind of germ warfare—to killing salmonella with chemicals.

The science isn't the dirtiest part of his job anymore, though: Pharmaceutical companies have long relied on hard-up college students to act as guinea pigs. Dudes , I was in a double-blind Viagra trial! And I got paid! But did you know that the pesticide biz is hiring too?

Chloropicrin is also a component of tear gas—that trusty suppressor of Big 10 sports riots—and at high doses can lead to nerve damage and death. Because of its irritating qualities, small doses of the chemical are often added to other pesticides to act as a "warning agent," and it's the safety of those doses that the study looked at.

Meanwhile, Congress is debating a moratorium on human testing. The men and women on our annual bottom list dive into toxic sludge, sterilize elephants, and pull bugs out of corpses—all in the name of science. You can even tell individuals apart. Rolland pioneered whale-feces research in By , she was frustrated by the small number of samples her poo patrol was collecting by blindly chasing whales on the open ocean.

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