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The current digital form of the Video Game Law course began with the notion of producing an iTunes U course this summer for fall launch.

By Jon Festinger on June 19, Read More No Comments. By Jon Festinger on May 29, By Jon Festinger on May 22, By Jon Festinger on May 15, By Jon Festinger on May 8, By Jon Festinger on May 2, Scarcity and Survival Horror: Adolescents as Game Designers: By Jon Festinger on April 23, By Jon Festinger on April 22, By Jon Festinger on April 19, By Jon Festinger on April 2, We want to hear about your experience of open badges!

Take the Open Badges Survey. Coming Soon The current digital form of the Video Game Law course began with the notion of producing an iTunes U course this summer for fall launch. Incredible hack perpetually alters game through nothing but controller input. Free goodies for those that attend Earnings report roundup: Disenfranchised America — battle against armed Montana cult is inspired by… the subprime mortgage crisis?

Nintendo significantly ramps up Switch production — Company now expects to manufacture 18m consoles this financial year Nintendo fighting over Switch components: Increased production targets pit Mario maker against Apple, other tech giants for limited supplies of memory chips, vibration motors Take-Two acquires Kerbal Space Program: A history of open-world gaming — You know the violence, but there were text-adventures, skiing, space, and ants!

From Phil Fish and Peter Molyneux to the rift between core and casual, Brenda Romero spoke out against Free Spin Money Instructor Wage And Tax divisions between us Creativity vs. Twitter — Trump retired his trademark Samsung device in March after taunting Schwarzenegger. Campaign targeting more than people also spread disinformation, report says. Florida GOP consultant admits he worked with Guccifer 2.

Company also seeks state laws to limit attorney-owned patents. US pop singer whose show ended with a terrorist attack that killed 22 people says she plans to hold fundraiser in city Primavera De Filippi: How one of the last video stores turned non-profit with an eye on preservation.

An unknown party has been using names of real people to spam the FCC with fake comments against internet freedom People who were impersonated by anti-net neutrality spammers blast FCC: FCC should investigate and throw out fake comments, impersonation victims say. A jury will decide: License Needed to Show Body Tattoos? Facebook expands eSports coverage with ESL partnership: Social network to host over 5, hours of live tournament programming including 1, hours of exclusive content Are esports sport?

Real-world value of in-game gold dips 7 percent since Battle. The game of cutthroat capitalism was actually intended as a lesson on wealth inequality. Updates to news feed algorithms tweaked to catch spammy and deceptive headlines. How Facebook Sees The World: By acknowledging the existence of an editorial compass, the technology giant tacitly accepts its role as a de facto censorship power—and opens itself to government attack. Struggling to cover terror in the media age.

Can Uber engineer be forced to choose between the Fifth Amendment and his job? Objecting to sexual harassment got me fired, says ex-Uber employee The Taking Economy: And the company has promised to put Thunderbolt 3 controllers into its processors. When Deep Blue beat the world Canadian Gaming Summit 2018 Varsity Catalog Dance champion 20 years ago, we learned a huge lesson.

The ur-Brooklyn online craft marketplace is under pressure to start acting more like a conventional, shareholder-focused company. Employee misconduct and social media Eli Pariser Predicted the Future. The courts say it is up to the survivors to decide what happens to the accounts of their experiences.

Manchester was an attack on girls: She has one of the most loyal, dedicated fanbases in pop. She represents confidence, empowerment, sexiness, independence. Grownups may never understand, but young women do.

SiriusXM wins a lawsuit against a dating company as a result. Major entertainment industry associations often create the impression that they are fighting for the rights of smaller artists, not just their corporate overlords.

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Lawyer who founded Prenda Law is disbarred: Twenty-one months later, an ethics complaint ends in disbarment. Inside the Dysfunctional Origins of Juicero Is there copyright in the taste of a cheese? Net neutrality website stays online as Comcast agrees to take no further action.

Attacks came from either an unusual type of DDoS or poorly written spam bots. The Trump-appointed FCC chairman has ushered in a virulent strain of market libertarianism.

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He can and must be stopped. Trump advisor says net neutrality hindered free data services for the poor. How many people really want cable TV with no live sports? The Worldwide Leader in Schadenfreude: It was Roger Ailes who led it to massive success and controversy.

Cheesy soap opera script is deceptive drug ad, doctors warn — General Hospital character gets rare disease.

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Drug company has just the pill for that. Yahoo promptly retired ImageMagic library after failing to install 2-year-old patch. Facebook whacked Canadian Gaming Summit 2018 Varsity Catalog Dance piddly fine after breaching French data law: But free content ad network insists it complies fully with EU data protection rules.

Bill requires opt-in consent, but prohibits states from imposing stricter rules. The everyday habits that reveal our personalities: From dining on spicy food to singing in the shower, seemingly innocuous behaviours may Maximum Stake Pokies And Buddig Beef Pickle a lot about your character.

Emerging technologies are enabling more invasive management practices. Modded video games get likened to movies in a tour de force of legal writing.

Lilith Games Shanghai Co. With a legal win against Oculus, ZeniMax turns to a new target: The lawsuit claims the Gear headset infringes its property rights in the same way as the Oculus Rift. Algorithms will detect content-free titles that use bots to resell cards.

Expiring music licenses means modern classic can no longer be sold for download. Alan Wake to be removed from sale over music licenses: UploadVR sued over sexual harassment allegations: Losing Steam, or Gaining Traction? Our relationships to animals in games have evolved, and they just might change the way we treat them in the real world Playground spent 18 months developing the first 10 minutes of Forza Horizon 3: Live-action drama is a new direction for video game adaptations.

Streaming platform also selling t-shirt to raise money for Amnesty International Sellers of circumvention devices beware! UKIE lays out new policy manifesto: Ransomware attack appears to be targeting institutions in several European countries. Campaign that flew under the radar used hacked computers to mine Monero currency. Two days after WCry worm, Microsoft decries exploit stockpiling by governments: Company president specifically notes role of NSA code used by Ransomware worm.

Decommissioned for years, Windows XP, 8, and Server get emergency update. Blackbird Technologies, owned by its own lawyers, has filed over lawsuits. In the self-driving world, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Uber not just a dumb app, must comply with EU transport rules—top law adviser: Taxi-hailing app faces a tough ride from regulators in Europe. Ads at the start and end of Alexa conversations, thanks to third-party company.

Can algorithms replace humans?

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