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For another online version of the Newport Zoning Ordinance, click on this link and scroll down to Title Table of Chapters Gaming Machines Bonus Zoning Codes For Fencing Consistency with comprehensive plan required. Creation of vested rights. The zoning code is adopted and enacted in Hidden Objects Games Online Free Without Downloading with the provisions of Title 45, Chapter 24, Section 27 through 72 of the General Laws of Rhode Island as amended in It is the intent of this zoning code to aid in the implementation of the adopted comprehensive plan for the city.

This zoning code and such plan are designed to further the purposes set forth in Title 45, Chapter 24of the General Laws, and for the promotion with the greatest efficiency and economy of the coordinated development of the city and prosperity of its people, particularly in the following ways, each with equal priority and numbered for reference purposes only: Promoting the public health, safety, and general welfare; B.

Providing for a range of uses and intensities of use appropriate to the character of the city and reflecting current and expected future needs; C. Providing for orderly growth and development which recognizes: The goals and patterns of land use contained in the comprehensive plan of the city adopted pursuant to Title 45, Chapter The use of innovative development regulations and techniques; D.

Providing for the protection of the natural, historic, cultural, and scenic character of the city or areas therein; F. Providing for the preservation and promotion of agricultural production, forest, silviculture, aquaculture, timber resources, and open space; G. Providing for the protection of public investment in transportation, water, stormwater management systems, sewage treatment and disposal, solid waste treatment and disposal, schools, recreation, public facilities, open space, and other public requirements; H.

Promoting a balance of housing choices, for all income levels and groups, to assure the health, safety and welfare of all citizens and their rights to affordable, accessible, safe, and sanitary housing; I.

Providing opportunities for the establishment of low and moderate income housing; J. Promoting safety from fire, flood and other natural or man-made disasters; K. Promoting a high level of quality in design in the development of private and public facilities; L.

Promoting implementation of the comprehensive plan of the city adopted pursuant to Title 45, Chapter Providing for coordination of land uses with contiguous municipalities, other municipalities, the state, and other agencies, as appropriate, especially with regard to resources and facilities that extend beyond municipal boundaries or have a direct impact on that municipality; N.

Providing for efficient review of development proposals, to clarify and expedite the zoning approval process; O. Providing for procedures for the administration of the zoning code, including, but not limited to, variances, special use permits, and, where adopted, procedures for modifications; P.

This zoning code is hereby adopted to further the purposes of the comprehensive plan adopted for the city. Any amendment to this zoning code shall be consistent with the policies and goals of the adopted comprehensive plan for the city. In the instance of uncertainty in the construction or application of any section of this zoning code, the zoning code shall be construed in a manner that will further the implementation of and not be contrary to, the goals and policies and applicable elements of the comprehensive plan.

Nothing in this zoning code shall be deemed to require a change in the plans, construction or designated use of any project or part thereof, for which a valid special use permit, building permit, or certificate of occupancy was lawfully issued prior to the effective date of this zoning code, or any amendment thereto. Applications for development that are substantially complete and have been submitted for approval to the appropriate review agency prior to the enactment of a new zoning code or amendment will be considered vested under this section and shall be reviewed under the regulations applicable in the zoning code in force at the time the application was submitted.

Applications will be considered substantially complete if the application has been placed on the agenda of the zoning board of review, the planning board or the historic district commission or upon the request of the applicant a letter from the zoning officer certifying completeness has been issued.

If an application for development under the provisions of Gaming Machines Bonus Zoning Codes For Fencing section is approved, development of the property must begin within six months of the issuance of the building permit and in no case shall development be halted for a continuous period of six months after that, unless it can be proven by the applicant that such hiatus in development activity is due to reasons beyond the applicant's control in which case Gaming Machines Bonus Zoning Codes For Fencing applicant must petition the director of public works for extension of the building permit.

Failure to comply with the time constraints shall constitute the loss of all benefits resulting from being vested in addition to any other requirements as may arise out of such noncompliance. The provisions of this zoning code shall be minimum standards and shall apply uniformly to each class or kind of structure or land, except as hereinafter provided, and particularly as follows: No building or other structure shall hereafter be erected or altered: No setback or lot existing at the time of April 13, shall be reduced in dimension or area below the minimum requirements set forth herein.

Setbacks and lots created after this effective date shall meet the minimum requirements established herein. It is intended that any use not included in this zoning code as a permitted use is prohibited. To assist in the interpretation of such permitted uses, the following uses, the list of which is not intended to be complete, are specifically prohibited: No structure shall extend within less than the minimum distances of any front line, side line or rear line as specified in this zoning code, except as follows or Las Vegas Slot Machine Games For Pc otherwise provided: The setback from the front line can be decreased from that required by a particular zoning district provided that such reduced setback may be no less than the front setback of either structure on the adjoining lots.

This provision is applicable only when a lot is bounded on one or both side by another lot. Setbacks applicable to accessory uses are as provided for in Chapters Except as otherwise provided, no structure shall exceed the maximum height specified in this zoning code, unless in the residential districts the median height of the primary structures on the abutting properties of the subject lot exceeds that height.

Should this be the case, the subject structure may reach the median height of the abutting structures provided that the roof pitch of the subject structure reflects the median pitch of the abutting properties as well.

Such regulations shall not apply to spires, belfries, cupolas, flagpoles, water tanks, ventilators, farm silos, elevator penthouses, chimneys or other appurtenances usually required to be above the roof level and not intended for human occupancy, provided that such structures are incidental to a permitted use located on the same property, and except that for buildings which are located in a general business district and which were erected prior to the date of April 13,where all or a portion of any such building is in excess of the maximum building height permitted in this zoning code, rehabilitation and alteration of such building is permitted within the confines of the width and length dimensions of the building to a height not to exceed fifty 50 feet, or the highest portion of the structure presently existing, whichever is lower.

Schools, colleges and universities including fraternity or sorority houses or dormitories for faculty or students, and libraries may reach a maximum height of forty-five 45 feet. Dwellings Units per Lot.

No more than one principal residential building shall be permitted on a lot except in the case of transient guest facilities and multifamily dwellings and as otherwise provided in this zoning code. Outside Storage in Nonresidential Districts.

Except as otherwise provided in nonresidential districts, outside storage, -including storage of merchandise, supplies, machinery and other materials and the outside manufacture, processing or assembling of goods, but excluding areas for parking of registered motor vehicles in daily use, shall not extend into the area required for setback from any line and shall be enclosed by buildings, fences, walls, embankments or evergreen shrubs or trees so as to screen the storage area from view from any other lot or from any street.

Site Development in Nonresidential District. Except as otherwise provided site development in nonresidential districts shall be as follows: Off-Street Parking and Loading. All off-street parking and loading shall conform to the standards specified in this zoning code.

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  • Establish within the Oakley Zoning Ordinance appropriate regulations to guide the Specific Plan (SP) and/or Planned Unit Development (PUD) process, halls, ice/skating rinks, scale-model courses, tennis/racquetball courts, arcades or electronic games centers having three or more coin-operated game machines);. 5.
  • instead subject to the provisions of Section (Walls, Fences, and Hedges). A. Maximum height of structures. The height of structures shall not exceed the limit for the applicable zoning district in Article 2 (Land Use and Development Standards). B. Height measurement. The maximum allowable.

There shall be not more than one driveway entering any lot from any one street if such lot has a frontage of less than one hundred feet. For other lots, there shall be not more than two driveways entering from any one street, except that there may be one additional driveway for each additional three hundred feet of lot frontage in excess of three hundred feet.

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Driveways shall not exceed thirty 30 feet in width at the street line unless greater width is required by the state. Driveways shall intersect with the street line at an angle of about ninety 90 degrees. Along and adjacent to any residential district boundary line, there shall be a screen consisting of existing vegetation, evergreen planting or wooden fencing, depending on the uniqueness of the property, which screen shall be of sufficient density and height to effectively screen the nonresidential use from the adjacent residential district.

Except as otherwise provided in the R, R and R districts, no main structure shall be located within one hundred feet of the mean high water level of tidal waters or within one hundred feet of a wetland so designated by the State Department of Environmental Management and no septic system or any part thereof shall be located within two hundred feet of the mean high water level of tidal waters or within two hundred feet of a wetland so designated by the State Department of Environmental Management.

Off-street Parking and Loading. It is the intent of the off-street parking and loading provisions to ensure that off-street parking and loading spaces are provided to accommodate the motor vehicles of all persons normally using or visiting a use or structure at any one time.

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For any permitted use, to include changes from one permitted use to another permitted use, such spaces shall be provided in accordance with the standards hereinafter specified and as amended. However, if the existing and proposed uses are permitted by right and the change of use is occurring within a structure that exists at the time of the adoption of this amendment, Ord.

All spaces required to be provided by this zoning code shall be permanently maintained and made available for occupancy in connection with and for the full duration of the use of land or structures for which such spaces are herein required.


For any existing conforming or legally nonconforming building or use which subsequently thereto is damaged or destroyed by fire, collapse, explosion or other cause, and which is reconstructed, reestablished or repaired within one year, off-street parking or loading facilities need not be provided within such period of reconstruction, re-establishment or repair; except that parking or loading shall be restored or continued in operation.

However, in no case shall it be necessary to restore or maintain parking or loading facilities in excess of those required by this zoning code for equivalent new uses or construction. In those instances where the building official certifies that the condition of the building is structurally unsound and a hazardous safety situation to the general public exists, the preceding approval process need not be followed.

No terms beginning with the missing letters are defined in the Ordinance. For the purpose of this zoning code, certain words and terms shall have the meanings listed below. Doubts as to the precise meaning of other words and terms shall be determined by the zoning board of review with reference to the general laws and Webster's Third New International Dictionary, respectively.

An accessory use shall be restricted to the same lot as Free Gaming Wonderland Install Complete Bicycle Rear principal use, and shall not be permitted without such principal use.

Anyone requiring notice pursuant to this zoning code. Agricultural land includes that defined as prime farm land or additional farm land of statewide importance for Rhode Island by the Soil Conservation Service of the United States Department of Agriculture.

The distance shall exclude spires, chimneys, flag poles, and the like. This definition does not apply to any such games of chance operated by charitable organizations licensed under Rhode Island General Laws Title 11, Chapter 19 as amended. Active recreation activities include but are not limited to tennis, swimming, boating, golf, and shuffleboard. Under cluster development there is no increase in the number of lots that would be permitted under conventional development except where zoning code provisions include incentive bonuses for certain types or conditions of development.

Ownership by any association such ownership may also include a municipality of one or more lots under specific development techniques. This shall not include halfway houses or substance abuse treatment facilities. This shall include, but not be limited to, the following: Whenever six or fewer retarded children or adults reside in any type of residence in the community, as licensed by the state pursuant to R.

Chapter 24 of Title A group home providing care or supervision, or both, to not more than eight mentally disabled or mentally handicapped or physically handicapped persons, as licensed by the state pursuant to R. A residence for children providing care or supervision, or both, to not more than eight children including those of the care giver, as licensed by the state pursuant to R.

Residents will have access to and use of all common areas, including eating areas and living rooms, and will receive appropriate social services for the purpose of fostering independence, self-sufficiency, and eventual transition to a permanent living situation.

Such facilities shall contain common use areas, which may include common dining and recreation areas. Expansion of such facilities which existed prior to July 1,is permitted by right on the same property or adjacent parcels under common ownership at the time of passage of this ordinance.

Added bySept. This definition is applicable to all principal structures outside of any local historic district. Gross area comprises the aggregate of wall surface areas, floor surface areas and roof surface areas. Hazardous materials, window assemblies, and non-structural Gaming Machines Bonus Zoning Codes For Fencing materials are excluded from the calculation of gross area.

Established grade is calculated through examination of topographical maps reposited with the City Engineer. Final determination of established grade is made by the City Building Official. The term also includes quarrying; well operation; milling, such as crushing, screening, washing, and flotation; and other preparation customarily done at the extraction site or as a part of the extractive activity.

The zone of materials filled with groundwater is called the "zone of saturation. A building in which five or less rooms are rented to no more than ten persons on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, with or without the furnishing of meals and with the owner or manager thereof residing on the Guest House premises.

In those districts where guest houses are permitted by right, the requirement for the owner or manager to reside on the guest house premises shall not apply.

A building the sole principal use of which is the rental of no more than eighteen Gaming Machines Bonus Zoning Codes For Fencing rooms rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, with or without the providing of meals and which: Facilities designed primarily for occupancy on a day-to-day, or week-to week basis and dependent on external facilities to the guest unit for the furnishing of meals, including timeshare property and time-share units, as defined by Rhode Island General Laws

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