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  • You have the right ideas, but you need the angular forms of all these variables and equations. A spinning object has an angular velocity ω. Its tendency to resist change in ω is known as its moment of inertia I, which Wikipedia tells us is m r 2 / 2 if all the mass is in a uniform disk being spun about its axis of.
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Static and kinetic friction example

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  1. You can calculate the centripetal force which includes a mass term. Since the coin is at rest, the FBD of the coin shows that centripetal force has to be equal in magnitude to the frictional force. You can find the normal reaction, which also includes a mass term. Equating the friction[coefficient times normal.:
    Draw the free body diagram of the disk, give the initial conditions for the system, and numerically integrate the equations for acceleration and velocity forward in time. You have three degrees of freedom: x, y translation in the plane and the rotation perpendicular to the plane. So you'll have six simultaneous. When the circles collide, they rub against each other and the friction creates a torque that changes the rotational speed of each circle. The forces will be equal and opposite, but the torques will depend on the individual radii. It's complicated to estimate how long they'll be in contact, but I'd just make up some. Modeling the Effects of Velocity, Spin, Frictional. Coefficient, and Impact Angle on Deflection The analysis treats the normal and tangential components of the initial sphere's velocity independently as it collides with a . The force acting between the two spheres may be calculated as the product of the area Ω of the contact  Missing: free ‎money.
  2. erable money is spent every year in attempting to reduce fric- tion in engines. When it comes to stopping, however, friction from brakes is a very good thing. A more precise definition of the coefficient of friction is the ratio of the tangential force (parallel to the surface) ap- plied to an object sliding across a surface to the normal.:
    Besides the initial translational velocity of the cue ball, there is also a rotational aspect of the ball's movement that I must take into account. Anybody who has ever played a game of pool knows the importance of applying spin to the cue ball. Therefore, the second quantity I must calculate is the angular velocity of the cue ventolin.clubg: free ‎money. Use a device that constantly makes a mark in a designated amount of time, like a ticker tape machine. The one i Missing: spin ‎money. All I need is the angular acceleration—assuming it remains constant as the spinner slows. I could calculate the angular acceleration based on the change in angular velocity, but this isn't so simple to measure. The spinner moves too quickly to get a good video of its motion, so I will use a laser in a rig I built.
  3. Meaning regardless of how fast the object will be moving, due to the impulse, it will never have its velocity checked until space is pressed again. The following events provide a Demand Ashley for raycasting and linecasting via box2d in the physics behavior and you can calculate friction. While you are.:
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This is much more complicated. Of course, the friction may be velocity-dependent. Also, it is almost certainly applied over a range of distances from the axis. This latter point simply means the total torque acting to slow the disk must be computed by integrating the torque per unit area force per unit area, which is presumably constant, times distance from axis over the contact area.

If the dependence is simple, the result will be a differential equation that can be solved easily. If it is more complicated, numerical techniques will have to be employed, as there won't be a simple formula. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Physics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for active researchers, academics and students of physics. Join them; it only takes a minute: Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Slowdown rate of rotating body due to friction force [closed]. This isn't a homework question, but it might as well be. The problem I have been pondering is: I have thought about it and have come up with not much. My first way is thus: Any help is appreciated. Brandon Enright 9, 12 38 JJG 1 6. Hi JJG, I added the homework tag because it seems you want to be walked through the problem and because it's mostly a calculation and not conceptual question.

See our homework policy for why this applies: The dis is spinning along its symmetry axis and is full If a body is spinning then it would remain spinning 1st law of newton. Compute the relative velocity and the force at each point on the grid at each time step, then sum up the forces and torques r cross F to get the net force F and the net torque T on the disk as a whole.

For what it's worth, I don't think a flat disk would curve under the influence of either a frictional force velocity-independent or a drag force linearly proportional to velocity. For the disk it's center of spin is the same as it's center of gravity, so there is no torque applied. As mentioned by duffymo, a nonuniform disk will have a torque applied. For a uniform ball, if the axis of the spin is not perpendicular to the table, this causes the ball to experience a rotational torque which causes it to move in a slight arc.

The arc has a large radius, and the torque is slight, so usually friction makes the ball stop quickly. If there was a sideways velocity, the ball would move along a parabola, like a falling object. The torque component and the radius of the arc can be computed in the same way you do for a precessing top. It's just that the ball sits at the tip of the top err Numerical integration of Newton's laws of motion would be what I'd recommend. Draw the free body diagram of the disk, give the initial conditions for the system, and numerically integrate the equations for acceleration and velocity forward in time.

You have three degrees of freedom: So you'll have six simultaneous ODEs to solve: It's not a trivial problem. There could be some simplifications by treating the disk as a point mass. I'd recommend looking at Kane's Dynamics for a good understanding of the physics and how to best formulate the problem.

I'm wondering if the bending of the path that you're imagining would occur with a perfectly balanced disk. I haven't worked it out, so I'm not certain. But if you took a perfectly balanced disk and spun it about its center there'd be no translation without an imbalance, because there's no net force to cause it to translate. Adding in an initial velocity in a given direction wouldn't change that.

But it's easy to see a force that would cause the disk to deviate from the straight path if there was an imbalance in the disk.

If I'm correct, you'll have to add an imbalance to your disk to see bending from a straight line. Perhaps someone who's a better physicist than me could weigh in.

When you say friction u, I'm not sure what you mean. The disk is modeled as a single object consisting of some number of points arranged in circles about the center.

For simplicity, you might model the disk as a hexagon evenly filled with points, to make sure every point represents equal area. The weight w of each point is the weight of the portion of the disk that it represents. It's velocity vector is easily computed from the velocity and rotation rate of the disk. The drag force at that point is minus its weight times the coefficient of friction, times a unit vector in the direction of its velocity.

If the velocity of a point becomes zero, its drag vector is also zero. You will probably need to use a tolerance about zero, else it might keep jiggling. To get the angular deceleration moment, convert each drag vector to an angular moment about the center of the disk, and sum those.

Factor in the mass of the disk and angular inertia, then that should give linear and angular acclerations. For integrating the equations of motion, make sure your solver can handle abrupt transitions, like when the disk stops. A simple Euler solver with really fine stepsize might be good enough. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Email Sign Up or sign in with Google.

How can the friction drag be calculated for a moving and spinning disk on a 2D surface?

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Mar 19,  · Uniform Circular motion, angular velocity and Friction angular velocity with which the turntable can spin without motion, angular velocity and Friction. Answer to A wheel that is free to spin without friction about its center is How do you calculate find the angular velocity of the wheel after. Physics behind Wheel Slipping. the friction (wheel spin) How to calculate a wheel's linear velocity if there is slipping. 2.

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Physics - Mechanics: Rigid Body Rotation (4 of 10) Calculating Acceleration & Friction of a Car Tire