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Block out usernames from all other non-reddit social media unless content is from a notable person. At least one paragraph four sentences must be written about why this video is being posted and what it contains. Where do you personally draw the line when it comes to "race" in games?

I want to hear your thoughts! This is all from the perspective of a cis white male and is an attempt at a honest conversation. Please correct me if I'm completely ignorant about some things.

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Yesterday I post the following video. It is a video by PBS game show about racism in video games. To take the example of R5: I can understand why people have a problem with it because it is a white guy killing black people but the interesting was that Jamin also mentioned the use of spears as problematic.

On one hand I completely get why a stereotypical "uncivilized african" could be offensive but isn't the Japanese Samurai similar? Or should we condemn the orientalist portrayal of Persians in Prince of Persia and Japanese Samurai in Overwatch alongside the portrayal of Africans in a lot of games. Should the portrayal be historically correct or should we allow for a certain "exotic" view on certain cultures. Please tell me how you feel about this and I'm especially interested in the opinion of people whose culture is portrayed in a stereotypical manner.

RE5 actually does a lot to defer that accusation. Your partner is black a bitquite a few whiteys are scattered throughout the early hordes, and real effort has been put into a somewhat realistic and sympathetic depiction of modern Africa. Halfway through the game, we suddenly find ourselves in a succession of mud hut villages Scatter Free Bonus Yatzy Rules Of Civility crowds of jabbering black people in loincloths and war paint, chucking spears.

Talk about sidestepping a pothole only to fall off a bridge. Or maybe the game is a commentary about how the true horror are these abiding myths of blackness that persist, even to the point that a more or less accurate representation of modern Poker Machines Coins Falling Into A Piggyback has crumbles and dissolves, Spec Ops: The Line style, in the face of the needs of the consumer base!

That interpretation is awesome, just throwing that out there. It's clearly not intended, but lots of works have interesting interpretations that weren't intended by their creators. One of my favorite shows growing up was animiacs, but I remember one particularly clever lyric that lacked some sensitivity. Here's the thing - actual story is far more involved than that. Magellan went to one island in the archipelago, introduced himself, proclaimed the wonders of Christianity.

The tribal leader there said 'great, tell it to the people in that island there'. Magellan went there, was welcomed to a feast, than killed, the rest of the crew running as fast as possible to the ship. See island one was at war with island two. Island one sent magellan to his death, thinking superior technology will awe island two to submission. Island two thought magellan was a spy and held the elaborate feast for a false sense of security before the island's own red wedding.

The entire thing was a political maneuver from warring factions much more complex and interesting than immediately offing the guy with a spear. The point is a people shouldn't be reduced to a costume or a stereotype.

It's lazy, ignorant and worst of all boring. I have one exception - dialogue. People are - at times - lazy and boring about certain subjects. So saying something racist or sexist says something about that character.

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The deus ex example is an interesting one. The voice actress - a black woman - chose to speak that way. Somehow this gave them license to do so and not be called racist. This isn't always true. What about that character's background brings her that particular speech pattern?

Find out, write the backstory in. A character doesn't begin and in with choices of a voice actor. What I mean to say is a lot of racism is casual. It goes largely unseen or unheard by those in the privileged position. A lot of racism is reinforcement of the social structure as is. From those at the bottom Multiple Lines Pokies Definition Of Respect Thesaurus and classism should be here too - It represents a self propagating wall of molasses one has to constantly trudge through.

Sure some stereotypes are true. But there Scatter Free Bonus Yatzy Rules Of Civility always an underlying subtext to it that has the potential to be more engaging. To stick with just the stereotype is just too easy.

It's really difficult to design rules, background, and miniatures that don't rely on these lazy tropes, but I must admit it's been really enjoyable to read a ton of history to figure out what these factions were really like before I add a supernatural spin to them.

Keeping in mind lovecraft was pretty damned racist, awareness will help you make your vision of the same mythos more well rounded. Oh yeah, the dude was a straight-WASP supremacist.

The difference being that every faction even the oh-so industrious Brits have taken to using these monsters as weapons of war. The only difference between the faction's summoning is their opinion of what the Outer Ones are. Some factions believe that they're gods, others believe that they're spirits, and other think that they're just animals to be tamed.

I bet when you started you thought Africa would be the worst, when Asia is basically just as bad when it comes to comically bad stereo types and tropes. We have pretty accurate cultural knowledge about civilizations in Antarctica though! Asia is even harder, since people have really strong expectations about Asia. So far the only finished faction from the region is based on a real historical Shinto cult, so at least I have some guidance on it.

Another white guy here, I think that individual producers of content are in a tough place if they have enough self awareness. On the one hand, the answer to all your questions is resoundingly 'YES'. Where the problem lies is that the content producer is attempting to create a bridge to the shared experience of their demographics, and for a lot of this thing due to poor education and white people simply not giving a shit, those stereo-types are the best way to convey information to the lowest common denominator.

Some do good and break the mold anyway, but it does limit their audience in a real way as most people are unable to 'get' what they are talking about when they see a thriving ancient African civilization and instead only 'feel in Africa' if there are savages.

Or 'feel in Japan' if there are samurais everywhere most samurai were bureaucrats in the 16th century.

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As a culture, we need to do better but its as much on the audience and those responsible for educating them as it is about the producers themselves. Thank you for your answer! I just see it as a wider problem than the stuff being produced today, because when something goes against the grain it has to be good enough to teach instead of alienate and not all art is good enough for that. I don't ever expect UbiSoft for example to ever create something that breaks stereotypes for their users in any meaningful way.

They just don't produce compelling enough narratives. It's hard to say. In the end, I think the best thing to do is try to minimize laziness, tell complete stories, and be open to constructive criticism. It doesn't hurt to talk to historians about this kind of stuff either. It's important to remember that before it influences and even when it doesn't influenceexpression is expressive. This means two things. Problematic attitudes will inevitably show up in expressive mediums, and expressive mediums are useful for exploring and analyzing problematic culturally implicit "just so" stuff that is broadly and unquestionably taken as true while actually being a collective fantasy.

Don't know the situation you refer to, but if it involves a AAA publisher showing some sort of cultural sensitivity then colour me skeptical.

They absolutely can take pride in them, and if black game developers want to use those images to make a game that celebrates their cultural heritage I'd say go for it, but racism has ruined that for the rest of us and anyone else is at best on very shaky ground. I'd argue that Samurai are less problematic than African 'savages,' but there's absolutely still a risk of getting cultural appropriation-ey or downriht racist it's not handled respectfully or if the Samurai warrior trope is the only representation of Asian people you bother including.

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