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Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Tagged Questions info newest frequent votes active unanswered. The process in which energy is liberated from organic molecules producing ATP.

How is Coenzyme A Transported to the Matrix? So, I've been researching cellular respiration on my own, and trying to keep track of most of the major processes. However, I do have one question left: I can't seem to find any sort of information Viability of argon-oxygen atmosphere Can humans breathe an Argon-Oxygen atmosphere, where Argon substitutes the inert Nitrogen gas which currently populates our atmosphere? I didn't quite know which forum to stick this one in; I put it Stomata during night respiration How does carbon dioxide from respiration diffuse out of the leaf during the night?

Do stomata close completely during night? Entropy increase or decrease in an reaction My question is how would you tell if the product of an reaction has more or less entropy than the reactants?

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For example, in glycolysis, when glyceraldehydephosphate becomes Can Phosphogycolate buildup in a plant kill it? I'm trying to think of some things for the science fair, for part of my experiment I need to know if Phosphogycolate build up in a plant can kill it. Also, are there any chemicals that may disrupt the Is oxygen a respiratory substrate I know that carbohydrates such as glucose are respiratory substrates for cellular respiration, but in this process, oxygen is also used to produce ATP so is it also a respiratory substrate?

Rafael Franco 62 6. Pyruvate as a final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain During anaerobic respiration, why are electrons carried by NADH not transferred to the electron transport chain ETC? What happens is that lactate dehydrogenase reduces pyruvate to lactate, while Jonathan Smith 6.

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But how does PFK reactivates itself? Is it due to removal of ATP from allosteric site that just reconfigures the YAHB 5 How long can algae survive with no air recycling closed bottle In a small bottle nearly filled of Chlorella in water and grow medium, how long would it take for them to die with or without light. Thanks in advance. Hugo Trombert 6 2. Why is carbon dioxide produced in alcohol fermentation but not in lactic acid fermentation?

From my understanding, alcohol fermentation takes place in yeast and lactate production takes place in humans.

These two pathways take place only when there is insufficient oxygen, because the other Do seeds use cellular respiration when they are germinating? I don't know which source i'm going to follow.

Is it possible to consume O2 via a pill form to inhibit the need to breathe? Just wondering if it would be theoretically possible to consume oxygen via O2 pills, in the effort of being able to hold one's breath without limit. Shane Duffy 1. Facultative anaerobic organism While I was studying Cellular Respiration: Harvesting Chemical Energy, I found this question: An organism is discovered that consumes a considerable amount of sugar, yet does not gain much weight Mahmoud Usama Fawzy 18 3.

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  • Cellular respiration is a misleading name: usually "respiration" refers to breathing. In this case though, cellular respiration refers to converting glucose, a simple sugar (i.e., carbohydrate), into energy for cells. Cellular respiration is a bit like an old-school arcade game. Head over to the change machine and exchange a dollar.
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In what reaction of mitochondrial respiration is hydrogen peroxide an anomalous product? I understand that hydrogen peroxide is produced in an anomalous manner during mitochondrial respiration, which also produces other by-products or free radicals. Does anyone know the details of the Nikki M 16 1.

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How well do you understand cellular respiration? Here's a ten question quiz you can take to test your cellular respiration knowledge. Does any organism use both photosynthesis and respiration? Your question seems to be triggered by a They still have to perform cellular respiration to. They oxidize sugars and fats to produce energy in a process called respiration. Cellular Respiration Quiz. below and select the correct answer for each question.

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